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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Actually this is a great product!

People who are snow bound have time to think many strange thoughts. The "As-Seen-On-TV" ads grab your attention a lot more than they would otherwise. (Stay with me, there is a quiz at the end.)

We usually buy those type of products at the store. Walgreens carries many of those products and now I understand there is a store called AS-SEEN-ON-TV. Believe me, those are the places you want to buy these products. Otherwise you are in for a rude awakening over the total cost of the purchase.

Our Perfect Fit buttons that were on sale for $10 for two sets ended up costing us almost $25. It seems that once you opt for the free gift of under the bed shoe storage the shipping and handling on that "free gift" is almost twice the total purchase price. From the point of that disclosure there is no turning back and you are stuck.

Actually the perfect fit buttons are GREAT and will especially come in handy for me now that I have LOST 17 POUNDS! I will need to be tightening my pants:) But buy this neat product at a store and don't order by mail. My poor sister purchased a fishing rod that was $19.99 and by the time they got through with her she had paid close to $70.

Have you made an As-Seen-On-TV purchase from the television 1-800 number? Did you like the product or did it absolutely suck? Did you like the final price or did you feel ripped off? What products do you own as shown on these ads and what products would you like to own?


  1. Like you, I usually buy them at the store becuase then if they don't work or I don't like it...I can take it back:)

  2. I have never made a purchase on anything seen on TV that way. Like you, if I buy any, it is done in a store.

  3. Monica and Judy -- Actually I buy lots of things over the internet but never by phone and never those type of products. I don't watch or buy those QVC products but I have a friend whose house is filled with tv home shopper purchases. She and her husband are both addicts and have spent a fortune on basically worthless knickknacks.

  4. The only thing I've bought lately from a commercial is the Shirley Temple collection of videos for my granddaughter. There were no hidden charges there, but I generally look at Wal-Mart, on the rare occasions that I go there to see what is "only seen on TV." Congratulations on the weight loss.

  5. I never have purchased anything from a TV ad. The shipping and handling fees always seem outrageous anyhow.

  6. I've never made a purchase like that, but if it's anything like catalogs or ordering on line, they seem to make their money on shipping.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    BTW my word verification is "cookie." Ha.

  7. Beverly -- Buying Shirley Temple movies can never be an extravagant expense:) Thanks for the congrats. I'm very pleased with this weight loss plan.

    rosaria -- The free item was made of cardboard and barely weighed anything but cost almost $10 to ship with the other items that were shipping for $6.95!

    Riot Kitty - Love it when word verifications are so appropriate. Now you've got me craving a cookie! Well, with this weight loss plan, I could actually have a cookie if it was within my allowed calories for the day. I love this Alli plan. Thanks for the congrats.

  8. first of all, congrats on the weight loss
    that is a major accomplishment
    I know from personal epxerience

    I bought the cat filer thingie from TV
    and I took the extra free one
    and you're right, it cost a fortune
    the cats hate them so I just have more junk on the floor and the refills are impossible to find if the cats did use them

    only in stores from now on

  9. Well done for losing all that weight! That's fantastic!

    I buy stuff on-line, but never anything off the TV. Oh wait I did once. It was a torso track. I thought if I bought it I'd get a body like LL Cool didn't work.

  10. Congrats on the weight loss, Annie! That's amazing!

    I've never bought any "as seen on TV products", and having read this, I'm even less likely to. But I'm glad they do as they were advertisted to do. :)

  11. I usually buy from the store too - I have purchased a few things and so far have been happy with them.


  12. Glad your dieting plan is going so well!
    Kevin Trudeau's almost all free books )"paid" for one, but with S+H was over $45- Tough to read through- still haven't finished getting thru them.
    I got as few things at the drugstore, like the green bags n like them.

  13. Hi Annie ~~ Good post and I do not buy on line, but do order quite a lot through catalogs. The postage is expensive, but as I do not get out to shop (only for food and medicines) so to me it is a way of getting quite a few Christmas presents and things for my home. They are delivered to my door, and I don't have to go out, spend taxi fare or petrol, so it isn't so bad.
    Sorry you have so much snow and hope it doesn't last too long- who
    needs records? Our cyclones have been very destructive and I feel so
    sorry for people whose homes have been destroyed or damaged.
    Take care my friend, Love Merle.

  14. Diane – Thanks for the congrats. I truly believe Alli is the product for me and has changed my life. Loved you comment about “more junk on the floor” because that seems to be what happens to all my so-called bargains. LOL

    LL Cool Joe – I’m pleased with the weight loss and believe it will continue. Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, I too buy lots of stuff online and especially from eBay and but those places disclose up front what the cost will be. I don’t mind paying S&H when I know about it first. Sorry your torso track didn’t work. Send it to me and I’ll store it in the barn with all my unsuccessful weight loss equipment.

    Talon – Thanks. I only hope my weight loss is going to become even more amazing. I can tell you that none of the hair remover products that are advertised on TV work. LOL

    Chatty Crone – Sandie, I have been pleased with my kitchen set of ladle, spatula, whip and lifter has been a wonderful set that my daughter gave me from the ASOTV store.

    Snaggle Tooth – My sister gave me some green bags and I love them too. They really work to keep bananas fresh. I buy my books and audio books on eBay or from Amazon and can find some great deals. (With eBay you have to study your seller closely and be sure they have 99% rating and at least 6 months on eBay)

    Merle – I avoid shopping in stores when I can and love ordering online or from catalogs but I like to know up front what the costs will be and not come to the end of my order and find out there is a surprise hidden charge that jumps up to bite when it is too late to cancel the purchase. Our snow finally started melting yesterday and it appeared to be raining outside with all the melting from our roof and the barn roof.. You take care too.

  15. Wow - 17 pounds. Great job!

    I used to be a sucker for middle of the night infomercials for exercise equipment. And none of it is around now, so I learned my lesson. :)

  16. Lynn -- Thanks for the boost. I only wish 17 lbs was at least half way to my final goal. I've got lots to go. I still see new exercise equipment that peaks my interest and I have to tell myself that it's just another gimmick and move on.

  17. That's a lot of weight off! I'm proud of you, Annie! :)

    As for TV products, I bought one of those Pilates DVDs that was supposed to change my life...I did it a couple of times and got bored with it, but my life has changed dramatically since. ;)

  18. Not quite on topic but anyway - today I was delighted to receive 3 roll-neck sweaters in the colours I had ordered. I was undecided about the sizing but after a longish discussion with an intelligent lady on the phone I ordered small.
    They are perfect - a very good buy and - incredibly, they were delivered today after our phone conversation on Saturday.
    Well done on the weight loss.

  19. Annie,

    The scariest words you can ever hear during a TV ad is "BUT WAIT!

    Yes, but wait...we will double your order and send you TWO automatic toilet seat lowerers. The second one is absolutely free! Just pay the postage and handling and it's all yours.

    So, after they have all the details of your name and address and credit card number,expirition date,security code,your Mother's maiden name, THEN they tell you that your total bill will be $63.10because the S&H on the second FREE item is,hold your breath... $35.10!
    and all you wanted was ONE $19.95automatic toilet seat lowerer...

    And if the above scenario is not bad enough,when you get it, the toilet seat lowerer NEVER works!

  20. i'm a sucker for those cooking things. i recently discovered the TastiWave but haven't purchased it.

    I bought the Wen hair care products... not sure how i feel about it yet.

    i think they put that stuff on so late, cus they know you are delirious when you're watching it.

  21. Nancy -- Your comment was exactly what wanted to say in my post. You certainly have a way of getting to the heart of the matter:)

    Blunt Delivery -- I haven't seen a cooking product yet that I do not want. So far I have resisted. I am bald headed, so hair care products don't appeal to me:) However I am tempted to try spray on hair:)

  22. Congratulations on the weight loss!!! Way to go!!!

    I have ordered a couple of things off QVC. The only thing I hate about it is that they try to talk you into getting all this other stuff with it, so that part is a pain, and I just have to be blunt and tell them that I only want what I saw on TV and nothing more!

    From your previous post it looks like you have gotten your fair share, and then some, of snow! Oh, this has been a snowy year for some!! Even we have had more than usual it seems.

  23. 17 ponds! Yeah, bless your heart.

  24. I think these commercials are made for me and me alone. I never buy but I am totally captured and from beginning to end and if I had a phone near by along with a credit card my entire house would no doubt be as seen on tv!!!!