Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay, I don't want to jinx myself but I just have to share my latest health and fitness project with my fellow bloggers.

It was with great fear and trepidation that I purchased a starter kit of Alli weight loss pills and began to read all of the directions for using this product. I started several days early planning my daily menus and getting set up on their website. I receive email pointers and tips and have a weekly check-in that gives me some accountability.

First I started eating as suggested and followed the meal plans closely for five days before daring to take the first Alli capsule. My personal plan allowed me 1800 calories daily and 19 grams of fat per meal (approx. 60 g. daily). If you know about this pill, you know that there are dreadful tales out there about very traumatic and embarrassing effects that will hit you if you consume too much fat over your meal allowance. Now in the plan since December 28, 2010, I have not experienced those intestinal side effects but I do monitor my food intake very, very carefully. I have to believe that persons who have bad experiences are trying to just take the pill without reading the guidelines carefully.

As of today, I have lost 13 pounds with this plan of eating and exercise. My plate is actually not like the one shown above because my plate is very full of good food simply by planning and monitoring carefully. We can even go out to eat and I manage to find acceptable meals within my allowance. It is, however, consuming a big part of my time and concentration.

Simply following the suggested meal and exercise activities would probably cause me to lose a good amount of weight but they say the Alli pill increases your weight loss by about 50%. It is easy to stay within the boundaries out of fear over what excess could do to me.

I have a large amount of weight to lose. This plan divides it in smaller increments and therefore I have already met and exceeded my first goal which was 12 pounds. Alli is not for a person who only needs to lose a few pounds. It is for those falling in the obese category and much to my shame, I fell hard into that category right after Christmas.

First I gained energy with the help from the sleep disorder study which gave me the bipap machine to sleep under nightly which gave me long needed restful sleep which gave me energy and ambition to tackle this health and fitness program. I am exercising 5 -7 days a week as well as simply increasing my daily activity of household chores and care of all the animals.

I am moving forward full of hope that this will finally be the plan that will work for me. So far, so good. Thanks for listening.


  1. First of all - congrats. I'm proud of you! Keep it up.

    Now, I looked at the side effects of Ali - do you get any of them?


  2. Whatever works well for you! And it sounds like it is.

    I hope you continue to lose the weight you want. It takes a great deal of will power even if you are using some sort of aid as well.

  3. I haven't heard of this Alli weight loss system, but it seems you've done your research and are taking care and precaution to follow it properly.

    Congrats, Annie, on the weight loss! I hope it continues to work well for you and you reach your goal and feel well and happy doing so.

  4. Chatty Crone -- Sandie I have not had the side effects because I follow the plan. People who think they can take a pill with every meal without doing anything else are the ones who experience the side effects.

    LL Cool JOe -- Thanks for the encouragement. Yep, it take a lot of will power but the extra here is if temptation befalls me I resist because I know there will be unpleasant consequences:)

    Talon -- I did research and I also cleared it with my cardiologist. This works well for a heart patient because it flushes out the bad fats that clog arteries. Diabetics cannot take it and transplant recipients cannot take it. Lots of Alli takers are on the website and in discussions encourage each other. Thank you for the congrats:)

  5. Wow! Those are great results! You'll keep us posted? I have often wondered what if Alli works well.

  6. WOW!! I am so proud of you! I am so undisciplined that I'd never stay on the plan - and I'd be the one to suffer the terrible consequences, I'm sure. Good luck with the rest of it and here's to weight loss!! Hooray.

  7. Good luck to you. In everything, there is a discipline involved.

  8. Annie,

    What an achievement! I like the idea that the plan sets small attainable goals. That is so much more encouraging than telling you that you should lose 20 or 30 pounds right away.

    Keep up the good work and pretty soon you will be trading names with your dog....

  9. You go, girl! I sure wish I could lose 13 pounds.

  10. Wonderful and I am so glad that you are being rewarded with new energy and wet loss. APPLAUSE. Keep it up!

  11. Hello Annie
    Onward and upward - oops sorry downwards lol
    Good on you for giving it a go!
    Take care

  12. Lynn – I will let you know if this continues to be successful for me.

    Kenju – My curiosity finally got to me and I had to do something. I thought about Jenny Craig and NutriSystems but it was too much money for me to spend on myself and still have to cook for Ron and all our visitors. This way I can cook normally and give myself smaller portions or just have my own frozen dinner.

    Rosaria – Yes discipline is the biggest problem. LOL

    Nancy – You are hysterical. Yep, I’ll be changing my name to Slim in about a million years!

    Cube – Thanks for the encouragement. I only wish 13 pounds was all I needed to lose.

    Tabor – “Wet loss” LOL. So far no wet loss but I understand old age will bring that to me also.

    Cathy – Oh yes, lets hope for downward. Hope all is well in your part of the world. I need to get back to check on you.

    You guys are all so great. I always share my struggles, plans and schemes and you all offer me strong support. This time I just have to be successful because I have gone beyond my wardrobe. Thankfully things are starting to fit again.

  13. Congrats! That takes a lot of discipline and hard work, and you deserve the fabulous results.

  14. Sounds like a great plan - congrats!

  15. Way to go Granny!!! It is all about what works for you and it sounds as if you have hit the jack pot.

  16. You're doing great Granny!

  17. Wow this sounds great...I bet you are right about those people who overdo it and try to use it for drastic weight loss...Its sounds like you have a great plan...That sleep thing has me intrigues...well for my hubs..I know he doesn't sleep well and maybe this is something he should look into..!Thanks for the info..!

  18. Riot Kitty – Who knows, if I lose enough weight maybe the type of showers you mentioned are in my future? LOL

    JeanMac – I’m starting to believe it is a great plan. Thanks for the congrats.

    Changes in the wind – This well might be the jackpot of weight loss for me. I’m sure hoping.

    Dani – If I had your garden it would assure my success on this plan. I’m so jealous.

    Robin -- Thanks for your comments. Yes, I believe everyone should have a sleep study done. It is hard to imagine how many years I have had the problem and going without quality rest and suddenly I’m in rest heaven which changes my entire world.

  19. Congratulations! That is a wonderful achievement - I know it takes a lot of work and disciplinarian. I remember being thrilled at losing the first 13. Very exciting!

  20. Nora -- I believe this is a lot like WW only it includes the pills with the meal plan and exercise program. You have done beautifully on WW and are one of my inspirations.

  21. Looks like you're investing the energy, time, n motovation to attain your goals- Good Job! Congrats on your intial weight loss!

    I have a problem cutting back on the free carbs from work- due to a home food budget decrease lately.
    If I had to cut bread, pasta, n cheeze out of my intake- there'd be nothing to eat! I get alot of excercise at work- 7 hours a day or more! So a mile or two walk on day off seems mild to me-

  22. I might have to take this Ali into serious consideration. I need to loose at least 100lbs to be the recommended weight for my height. I'm doing Weight Watchers but like you said Ali seems more fitting for someone who needs to loose a lot of weight.

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