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Slim and Franke
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Monday, January 31, 2011


I read about a dilemma this morning and thought I would give you the question to ponder. Let's say that you are waiting in a bus shelter. A homeless person wanders in and stands next to you. This person is carrying a small basket of fresh strawberries. The homeless person sees you staring and extends the basket of fruit toward you, asking if you would like a strawberry. Would you take one? If you would not, why not?


  1. I wouldn't, assuming they are unwashed.

  2. No I wouldn't...I don't like strawberries.

  3. kenju -- even it you knew they were washed would the homeless person handling them make a difference?

    Changes in the wind -- Then let's say the homeless person was handing out fruit that you do like?

  4. That is an interesting scenario - did this happen to you?

    It's hard to think what I would do - like, Kenju, one would have no way of knowing if it had been washed or not. So I probably wouldn't, but would be polite in my refusal.

  5. Hmm good question. Yes I'd take one, but I'd probably not eat it. If I'm being honest, I would worry where they'd been.

    But I'd do the same with anyone. If George Clooney was standing next to me in the bus shelter I'd do the same thing.

    If I'm offered a drink when I'm djing I never take one incase someone has popped a drug into the drink. Call me paranoid if you like but I do try to cut down any risks of putting myself in a situation of danger.

  6. Interesting question. I would say no. I could rationalize it by saying the homeless person needs it more than I. But truthfully I just wouldn’t feel comfortable.

  7. I'd have one, but I'm crazy like that. :)

    It's because the whole of idea of someone with so little offering what little they have? Well, I couldn't refuse...

  8. Annie,

    Yes, I would take the strawberry but I would not eat it. I feel just like Kenju,I would also assume it had not been washed.

    But, I would offer to BUY the strawberry for a couple of dollars.
    That way we both win. I feel good and the homeless person has a few bucks to buy themselves something more substantial to eat than strawberries.

  9. I would most likely say No Thank You to anyone who offered me fresh fruit. I am quite a germa-a-phobe, something you probably don't know about me.
    I rarely touch doorknobs (I pull my sleeve down to cover my hand), and if I do have to touch a lot of surfaces that others have touched, then I use my wipes or spray to kill germs.
    :-) If I thought the homeless person's feelings might be hurt if I did not take the fruit, then I might accept it, say thanks, then throw it away when I was out of sight.
    My first inclination would be to reject it kindly, though.

  10. I would thank her profusely, and take one. Then, I would offer her something I had, be it a dollar, or something else.

  11. I'd definitely take the strawberry -- and even eat it in front of her.

    We're too germaphobic in this culture, and it's causing us health issues. Having been raised partly on my granddaddy's farm, I'm not afraid of a little dirt. I'd be more afraid of the pesticides lingering on the fruit, of course, but the sad truth is, even with washing, by my age I have already ingested a lot of trace poisons and a strawberry's worth is not going to hurt me significantly more -- whereas it might significantly hurt the feelings of that generous soul if I did not take it.

  12. To be honest I'd say no thank you. I wouldn't take one from any stranger - homeless or not - clean or diry - I just don't eat food from strangers.


  13. I'm paranoid with strawberries and I triple wash them, and I wouldn't accept fruit from anyone unless I know for a fact it's been washed, homeless person or not. Great question, btw...please explain.

  14. Lynn – The person in the story declined the strawberry “because of his (the homeless person’s) unkemptness he decided the homeless fellow might have contaminated the berries and might have touched one with his dirty hands or put them to close to his face and breathed on them”

    No, it did not happen to me.

    LL Cool Joe – I believe your answer is about what mine would be. I try to practice what I preach to small children and that is never to take food (or drink) from strangers.

    Ralph – Very honest answer.

    Talon – Don’t we all wish that was what we would do.

    Nancy – I like the idea of offering to buy the strawberry except that might upset the person after their generous offer to share. Good idea though.

    Jdjaws – never dreamed you were a germaphobe. Isn’t it awfully wasteful to take the strawberry and then throw it away? Your first inclination would be mine as well.

    Rosaria – a profuse thank you might be enough :)

    Meredith – You are probably exactly right…unless the homeless person is not really a homeless person but a terrorist spreading biological poison. (Am I a freak or what?)

    Chatty Crone – Your mother taught you well:)

    Lulu – Why paranoia about strawberries especially? The story was in my morning devotional today. It happened to the writer. He was talking about feeling bad for rejecting the fruit because of believing somehow this person was not worthy of trust or respect

  15. Absolutely. I love strawberries. And generous people.

  16. I agree it's horrible to offend such a person trying to be nice! I'd think they need the food more tho.

    This reminds me of some folks I once knew who'd throw away every cup, utensil, or dish used by someone who'd drop by n visit because they knew he had Aids. Would you?

  17. hmm... this is quite thought provoking.

    since a young age, i've been brainwashed not to trust anything, from anyone. now that i'm older, of course, i use my own judgements. but for some reason... i am still weird about food or drinks.

    i honestly am not sure what i'd do. i'd have to take it, obviously, cus i could never be rude. not sure if i'd eat it though!

  18. I have a hard time passing up strawberries so if they are big and pretty I might accept (overlooking the hygiene issues). More likely I would politely decline, claiming an allergy.

  19. I'd say:
    'I have to be honest but I never eat soft fruit until I've washed it. May I take it for later please?

  20. I would thank the person for the offer, but I would never take one.

    Just like I wouldn't buy a chicken from a lady in the street

  21. I would never take food from strangers homeless or otherwise.

  22. Every month I'm still pissed that Eve took that APPLE!!! LOL