Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Had to share these questions that came up on Christmas Day. They should entertain you until New Years:)

1.) Think of one living person you know whom you would describe as "humble".

2.) Name a single fact that cannot be disputed or argued by anyone.

For a goat giggle indeed look at THIS video my cousin Becky sent.


  1. 1. the Dalai Lama

    2. Elephants can't jump

  2. Fireblossom -- good job:)

  3. Just stopping by to say hello, Merry Christmas, and thank you for your prayers.


  4. Hi GA
    I do know a couple of truly humble people. But it would take a long time to describe them.

    When the fish aren't biting,,,it doesn't matter what kind of bait you have.

  5. Loved that goat video...makes you happy just to watch:)

  6. Chatty Crone -- You're welcome. Happy New Year:)

    Cliff -- It is your blessing to know truly humble people. The ones I would name are no longer living Yep, your fish fact cannot be disputed.

    Changes -- Isn't that video just heart warming. I was so pleased to see it.

    Fireblossom -- Back to you. On the internet there are actually those who argue and dispute the fact that elephants can't jump. Wouldn't you know? But I must say their proof is very thin if not non-existent.

  7. 1) My father.

    2) Granny Annie's artwork brings us great joy!

    Happy Holidays, Chica! Keep celebrating Granny Annie style! :)

  8. 1) Mother Teresa

    2) Time moves on whether you want it to or not!

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  9. I hope you had a merry Christmas Granny Annie!

  10. Lulu -- I knew you would say your father. I'm afraid my artwork does have some dispute but thanks anyway:)

    Tabor -- Good answers but I don't believe Mother Teresa is still living other than in hearts and minds. Time is picking up its cadence as it marches on in my life. Hope your holidays are fantastic.

    Oh great One -- Love the pictures of your family on FB. Know your Christmas was very Merry:)

  11. I think FB has it right - the Dalai Lama is certainly humble.

    And that other one - well, I might be stumped on that one. :)

    Are those your goats? So cute and frollicky.

  12. First, A fact that cannot be disputed.

    Slim is a good and well loved dog.

    I'll get back to you later on the humble person.

  13. I couldn't think of any one humble person still living.

    The earth is round.

    Loved the little goats playing. My daughter used to have some and they actually did play like that. They must have had happy hearts to bounce around that way.

    I posted some of my Christmas recipes on my blog tonight including a very good Gingerbread Man recipe.
    Happy New Year dear!

  14. I know a highly successful businessman/educator who I'd say is very humble.

    A single fact that cannot be disputed, it would be sports related. Brett Favre started 297 consecutive regular season games.

  15. Lynn -- Maybe your undisputed fact could be "the goats are cute and frolicky".

    Nancy -- Slim loved your comment:)

    Mountain Mama -- You do know some persons would argue that "the earth is round" don't you? Can't wait to check out the gingerbread recipe. I've got a blog story to go with that need that I'll share soon.

    The Zombieslayer --Somehow "business man, educator and humble" don't seem to go together. Would love to know who that is. I'll have to take you word about Brett Favre because alas I have no sports knowledge. It is a fact that I like you stopping by my blog:)

  16. Great mind benders! thank

    - Brother Augustin at the Weston VT Priory who plays guitar, but rarely speaks. Told some one yesterday how meek he is.

    - Life is a grand adventure

    I could think of more, given time perhaps. Then again, some folks will argue everything!

    Videos another machine...

  17. Snaggle Tooth -- I shall research Brother Augustin, thanks. And yes, you hit the nail on the head with the comment "some folks will argue everything". I'm not sure I understand "Videos another machine..."

  18. Anonymous7:37 PM

    1. My dad.

    2. I have one thumb on each of my hands.


  19. jdjaws -- I too would have said my dad if he were living. Lulu (aka Ily) said her dad too. Wonder if moms such as ourselves ever make the humble list? And about your undisputed fact, some have said you are "all thumbs". LOL

  20. Anonymous6:52 AM

    You truly gave us some food for thought. I do know a few humble people in this world. I loved that video. Had it posted on my blog during Christmas, too. Thanks for coming by. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year.

  21. southernlady64 -- Thanks for stopping by. You provide such good food (ideas) for thought so I'm happy to jar the thought part) You have certainly give us some good ideas for serving up our blackeyed peas for New Years good luck meal tomorrow

  22. I think the word humble is out-dated and too Dickensian for today. I may say I have Dickens coming out of my ears thanks to Christmas UK TV.
    Thanks for the delightful video and an undisputed fact: doing a good turn is better than doing a bad one.
    A Happy Healthy 2011 to you and yours.