Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello Friday!!! Time for bloggers to make their weekend preparations. My kitchen is cozy with the aroma of ham cooking and a chocolate cake baking. It is my son's 40th birthday weekend and he and the children are going to visit. It has been over six weeks since they were here last. I want to make things as festive as possible.

Actually I made his birthday cake earlier in the week and experimented with making 7 minute icing. I do not have a double boiler so I tried using a recipe that adds boiling water to the mix. The icing was a flop. Today's cake will wear a butter cream frosting. I found an easy recipe on google and emailed it to myself. The subject line read ICING OUR BUTT.

Speaking of butts -- the goats have been following our cat Lil' Bear all around the property. Don't know how they fell in love with this little guy and elected him their leader but yesterday I decided Lil' Bear is on a mission to get rid of the goats. I was watching them out the kitchen window and the goats were moving deeper and deeper into the back of our property. I then noticed Lil' Bear walking ahead of them. He would go further and stop and they would do the same. Pretty soon the goats seemed to uncover the plot and realized they were pretty far from the house. They turned and ran home abandoning Lil' Bear who followed them with a look of, "I'll get you next time my pretties".

I have completed 50 portraits for the Julia Kay Portrait Party on Flickr. I keep thinking I will get tired of this soon, but so far I am still addicted. I love my blogging and I love my art and am trying to strike an equal balance some way plus take care of my daily chores and weekend visitors. Why aren't I skinny? Oh yes, ham and cake. Oops.

Happy, happy weekend one and all:)


LL Cool Joe said...

It's all about getting a balance I think. A few years ago I spent far too much time on the internet and my real life was being neglected. Plus you need to have a real life to be able to blog!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the family. The cake sounds lovely too.

Dani said...

Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and cake.

TALON said...

Gotta love cats - lol!

Sounds like it's going to be a beautiful weekend, Annie!

Yeah, getting the right balance is the tricky bit...but at least it's all good stuff :)

Tabor said...

We are having an oyster dinner this Sunday but also ham for those who do not like oysters or like my pregnant daughter...probably should not eat them. We learn so much from animals when we just sit and watch!

Brown English Muffin said...

mmmmmmm I can smell the ham and the chocolate cake and they both smell yummy!!!

Do you know the reason I'm not skinny??? Yep Ham and Chocolate Cake!!! LOL

Happy Birthday Son!

Nancy said...

Say, does Lil' Bear look like Johnny Depp or does he just sound like him?

My little pretties. HA!

Marla @ Always Nesting said...

I'm going to your house!! Love the menu.

Scarlet Ily said...

Lil' Bear sounds like trouble, but your story makes for a good childrens book on peer pressure. :)

Btw, there's some serious talent in Julia Kay's group...starting with you, Chica! I love your latest of the woman with the flowing wild hair and the funky eyeliner. Very cool!

Enjoy your weekend! Happy Birthday to your son!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Birthday to your son. Sandie

Riot Kitty said...

Happy to your son! The headline for this post, of course, piqued my curiosity :) All of the frostings I have made are just mixing ingredients and then chilling them. So far I haven't screwed anything up...but there's always time! Hope you have a wonderful visit.

Lynn said...

There's always frosting in a can - I've been there. :)

Love that cat and goat story. Ha!

Changes in the wind said...

My Mom made seven minute icing and it is can use a regular glass bowl that fits on top of a pan if you don't have a double boiler. Hope your week-end is wonderful.

Granny Annie said...

My dear friends, I now must confess that I also ruined the butter cream frosting. It called for shortening and butter and when I tasted it I gagged. The shortening expired in November, 2008. Guess you can tell I don't use much shortening. I then made it with just butter and it turned out great. Everyone better eat this cake. What a chore getting it made.

Changes -- Thanks for the hint about the glass bowl over the water. I love 7 minute frosting but have never been able to make it. My mom and grandmom made it look so easy.

Shionge said...

Hey Happy Birthday to your son and I hope everyone have a great time.

Rachel said...

Well, by now that cake and ham are probably history! I hope they all loved that cake after all the trouble you went to with the icing!
I'm sure your son had a lovely birthday! How could he not at your house?!

Hopefully your cat is just being the head scout for the goats!!

I'm trying to strike a balance too, and it's hard sometimes. I have neglected my blogging badly, but finally got up a post tonight.

BTW, I love the scrubbers you sent me. Those things are wonderful!!! Best thing I've found for scrubbing a potato. It will take the peel right off! Thank you again!! Hugs!!!

Cliff said...

It sounds like it's time to kill the fatted calf. The wayward son returns. I'm guessing this will be a great time. Have fun.

Dianne said...

oh yes ham and cake really made me laugh

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family

Snaggle Tooth said...

The portrait slideshow on the side bar top is nifty cool!
I hope your Birthday visit went well, n you're winding down nicely from all that frosting...
Funny story about the cat n goats! Well, they are a herding animal- n at least not complete idiots to get lost!
Apparently you lt them out of the pen now?

Pat said...

Is there anything sweeter than preparing for one's children and grandchildren visiting? Enjoy!
Good on the goats for outsmarting the demon

Loving Annie said...

Ham and cake. Oh my. I wish I was being invited to the 40th birthday party!

Have a great weekend, and upcoming Halloween, Granny:)