Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'll be back to my blog soon but in the meantime you might enjoy staring at a couple of David's kittens. The other two of the four are in hiding but one is totally black and the other is solid gray and all four are healthy and happy. The two in the picture look like twins. David has turned out to be a very good mama cat. Boomer, on the other hand, moved her kittens to the neighbors and they stay there now with 9 year old Trinity while Boomer comes here for meals.

My absence has been due to Ron's recent hospitalization for dehydration caused from food poisoning. He is fine now and we are going to celebrate his recovery with a big dinner. So far no one has accepted the invitation. LOL Thankfully we got him to the hospital in time because he was one very sick fellow after 50 plus hours of vomiting and diarrhea. We answered all the questions at the hospital and from the County Health Department and we cannot pinpoint what culprit got him but he tested for salmonella bacteria.

I am sporting some injuries these days from getting in the middle of my pygmy goats when they are arguing over the sweet feed. I have started wearing high rubber boots when I go out but now I have some bruises up higher and am considering acquiring a padded football uniform to go out and care for them. They are small but mighty. (Also mighty lovable.)

Hope to catch up with all of you soon.


  1. I'm so glad Ron is better! Cute cute cute kittens. And who would have thought those little goats could do damage like that?

  2. I, too am glad Ron's better. I had food poisoning once and it's no fun at all! Doesn't sound that much fun getting kicked by pygmy goats either, but if they are loveable I can see why you put up with the bruises!

  3. I'm so glad your Ron is feeling better! :)

  4. What adorable kittens. I could stare at them for a while.

    I'm glad too Ron is better. Food poisoning is no fun, I'm sure.

  5. Food poisoning can give you a real scare... and of course nobody will come to dinner with you
    The kittens are so unbelievably CUTE!!!
    why don't you put patting around the horns of the goats... (just to give you a different perspective in solving a bruise problem)

  6. My sympathy goes out to Ron. I don't think there is any illness that can make you wish for death more that food poisoning. I had it once and that was enough to last a lifetime.

  7. Glad to hear Ron is recovering.

    I love kittens.Gorgeous little creatures and yes I could watch them all day long. Very therapeutic, you laugh so much.

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  9. Wishing Ron a very speedy recovery...I have had severe food poisoning like that and I know how awful it is!

  10. I just wished they stayed that adorable and cute.

    Wishing Ron all the best.

  11. Cute kitties!

    I hope you find some fashionable, rubber "Pretty Woman" boots to wear while you're out feeding the goats. ;)

    PS - Glad to hear Ron's feeling better. What's for dinner?? I'll go! :D

  12. Your photo made me miss my cat so very day when I am not traveling so often, I hope to have another little ball of fur to stare at!

    So sorry to hear about hubby's food poisoning....glad that he is on the mend.

    Take care!

  13. Yes, I love staring at kittens!
    I was wondering if you were ok there- Hope Ron doesn't have a relapse anytime soon!
    Sounds like pads may do the trick- Hockey gear maybe? kinda expensive but maybe used on ebay not so bad-

    Rough little goats, eh? Bet the split hooves are very sharp too- Hope your problems are solved very soon.

    You're the only one I know with a commuting Mother cat! how odd-

  14. I'm glad Ron is on the mend. Those things can be so scary. Take care!

  15. Glad to get the update and it is all good news.

  16. Lynn – The goats jump up like dogs do and their hooves are what cause the higher up bruises.

    LL Cool Joe -- Thanks for well wishes for Ron. If you’ve had food poisoning you really know what he experienced.

    Dani – Ron is glad he’s feeling better too. Thanks for your concen.

    Beverly – We have a choice around here of staring at goats or kittens. LOL

    Holland – If Ron had not finally decided to go to the ER he could have ended up in a life or death situation. I’ve decided the upper bruises are from the goats hooves so I probably need to get them each four pairs of moccasins.

    Darlene – Ron and I both appreciate your sympathy and concern. Your memories post today was great.

    Winifred – Kittens and little goats are hysterical. If it wasn’t so hot here I could sit outside all day and watch them. We appreciate your well wishes for Ron.

    Riot Kitty – Sorry to learn you experienced food poisoning as well. Did you ever determine where it came from? Loved your recent post on art and talent.

    Brown English Muffin – Want a kitten? I could sure send you one of the adorable and cute things for Baby C. LOL Thanks for your concern for Ron.

    Ily – You are a true friend if you would actually dine with us after this scare. Of course it’s easy for you to say since you’re in Miami. LOL

    Grammie – Same thing I offered BEM, I’ll ship you a kitten of your choice:) Yep, Ron is on the mend, thanks.

    Snaggle Tooth – Yes, I have determined that the hooves are causing more damage than the horn butting. I like the hockey gear idea. Boomer’s kittens have a wonderful life at the neighbor’s because their little girl doesn’t stop loving on them. Boomer has resorted to her feral ways.

    OGO – Thanks as always for your caring concern.

    Changes – I was very frightened when I left the message that I would be gone a while. It is such a relief that, as bad as it was, he is much better now.

  17. I know that Ron is a trash picker, but tell him there is no reason for eating old food! I'm glad he's doing better - scary stuff!

  18. Nora -- You are too funny. I know you will never forget the gloves he got me, but did I ever tell you we used to carry plastic bags in the car in case we came across any good road kill with clean pelts? I don't think he has resorted to eating trash but my cooking is pretty horrible. LOL

  19. i certainly hope both you and Ron are on the mend! food poisoning and bullying pygmy goats makes for quite an adventure. seeing those cute little kitten faces hopefully helped.

  20. a tasteful garden -- Oh no my goats aren't bullies, they are just way too loving. The hoof prints all over me are attempted hugs. Yes Ron is rapidly on the mend, and thank you for you concern.