Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, May 14, 2010


She was simply strolling the second level of Southroads Mall in Tulsa when a reflection in one of the window’s caught her eye. She was positive the she had seen Andy Sipowicz in the shop across the way. Picking up her pace, she circled around to that store and stepped inside. There he was, in profile, sitting quietly and looking out a window to the rush of 41st Street traffic in front of him.

Are you Sipowicz? She inquired with an excitement pounding in her chest.

“Yes.” He casually responded.

“Andy Sipowicz from NYPD BLUE?” she added to make sure he knew who she was asking about.

“Yes” he again replied with little expression in his voice.

“That was my very favorite television show!” she proudly shared with him.

He turned with a look of frustration to view this intruder. She knew he must run into fans of the show on a daily basis and she felt a little guilty for bothering him. A shot rang out and shattered the glass behind him. That small turn had saved his life. He dropped to the floor and demanded that she do the same.

“They are here” he announced.

“Who?” she inquired in a frantic voice.

“There is no time to explain. You need to make a run for it.” He ordered.

She was off like a flash, back out into the open Mall running and feeling tremendous fear. Suddenly the Mall was filled with Andy Sipowicz look-alikes. She could tell they were imposters and darted in and out of stores to try and avoid them. They would all be targets of this unknown assassin.

She was suddenly overcome by her greatest fear. She felt the call to relieve herself and there was not a bathroom to be found. She darted in and out of stores and ask the Andy Sipowicz cloned clerks if they had a bathroom she could use but they did not have a facility for the public. She continued her search while dodging occasional bullets coming out of nowhere until she awakened, realized the dream and got up and went to the bathroom.



  1. You had me going there for a minute - what a dream!

  2. Lynn -- Doesn't it make you wonder where strange dreams like that come from?

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Wow, that's some dream :)

  4. What an action-packed dream, Annie! And scary with all that shooting going on! Glad you made it out alive ;)

  5. Weird, very weird. Wonder what it all means? Something about imposters...?

  6. I love Dennis Franz so this dream would be fun although Jimmy Smits would really be a good dream :)

    your comment on the Greyson Michael Chance post made me laugh
    I noticed the poor teacher too!! what a terrible angle to have your photo taken at

    He is from Oklahoma! He attends Cheyenne Middle School in the very town you mentioned

  7. I'm glad you never found a loo in the dream, otherwise the trip to the bathroom when you woke up may have been a waste of time.

    And yes I am talking from experience! :D

  8. Always Nesting – It was certainly some dream. I have a lot of weird oens and never hope to learn their meaning.

    Talon -- I told it as well as I could but certainly not as well as YOU could. LOL

    Tabor -- Will have to look it up in the dream interpreter. My spouse does not understand my affection for Dennis Franz. I’m not sure that I do either. Wonder what he’s up to now?

    Dianne – I’m so glad to meet someone else who likes Dennis. Now I do agree that Jimmy was pretty hot. My daughter saw him at the airport in Los Angeles. She became all speechless. She lived near Edmond so I’m betting her friends have all heard of Chance.

    Joe – Oh yes, it is a miracle I didn’t need plastic sheets for my bed. LOL

  9. No idea who that person is as I've never seen that show. But I avoid malls anyways. They will be a bad place to be when the zombie plague starts.

  10. LOL! I have to say, if I had to go to the mall with a TV type person, he wouldn't be bad company.

  11. Z -- I forgot that you don't watch TV. Dennis Franz has been in a lot of stuff but NYPD Blue was his biggest success and a very unlikely leading man.

    Riot Kitty -- I don't think he would be bad company either and Ron thinks I'm nuts. LOL Hey, Dennis Franz might be old, but so are we! (No, I don't mean you:)

  12. That's a doozie! Those weird dreams are great! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Im sad that show is over ..but we have the boxed set of them..we hardly watch though...what a great dream...I was so intrigued...I loved Sipowitz..remember the scene with his butt in the shower...Wooo Hooo..!

  14. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I thought you were in the middle of a movie set or something at first. I have really crazy dreams and most of the time about people that have passed on. Hope you are having a good weekend with no more dreams.

  15. LOL...I thought you had really seen him!

  16. OGO -- I should go to the dream interpreter on this one.

    smArtee -- My entire family knew not to bother me Tuesday nights from 9-10. Andy Sipowicz was such an unlikely hero and yes, the butt scene is even on google images. I started to use it on this post but my grandchildren look at my blog occasionally. LOL

    thesouthernlady64 -- I could not think of one reason for me to dream this dream. Isn't is funny how certain thing intrude in our sleep?

    Kenju -- It's the shooting starting the ruins the credibility. Otherwise it does sound like a genuine encounter. LOL

  17. That's a scary dream ! I'm not sure whether the drama/shooting or being unable to find a bathroom in the mall when you need to go, would be worse!