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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


What could be better for WOO HOO WEDNESDAY than a picture of Owen chilling out? He better relax now because his new sibling will be joining the family next week. No one knows if he will have a new sister or a new brother.


  1. Totally unknowing sitting there like he is kind of the world!!

  2. I need a comfy chair like that!

  3. Sounds like changes are a comin!!! Best wishes with the new baby!

  4. How exciting that there is a new baby coming! Woo hoo!

  5. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Oh, just look at him with his hands behind his head! Looks like he's thinking about what his granny is going to fix him to eat :)Adorable and pretty soon a new addition to the family. Woo Hoo!

    I'm so glad you joined the Cinco de Mayo party at Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

  6. Love those red chairs!

  7. What a cutie! His life is about to change in a major way. And he gets to be the cool big brother! :)

  8. That is so adorable! I have a similar picture of my son when he was about 2. So funny how the boys just come into this world knowing how to chill out in a big chair!

  9. He looks ready for the world!! Thanks for comment this morning especially about the stamps!

  10. i dream about having a new baby in the family. Lucky you;)

  11. How cute, and what a wonderful surprise awaits you all with the new arrival :-)

  12. Poor little thing doesn't know how much his world is going to change.

  13. :)

    Cute picture!

    Hope he takes to his new sibling ! Yep- his life is about to change a lot! :)


  14. Hello Little Owen,

    You are getting to be such a big boy.

    Yes, you better rest up now because you will soon be the "Big brother" and it will be your job to teach your new brother or sister all the fun things you know about;like how to get that big red chair all to yourself.

  15. Tabor -- Owen’s dad actually titled this picture “King Of The World”.

    Dani –Doesn’t it just look like the height of relaxation?

    Happier – Oh yes, Owen is going to be in for a whole new experience.

    Lynn – We’re all on pins and needles about the new baby. This child will be my sister’s 6th grandchild.

    Always Nesting – Owen is my grand nephew. My sister is his granny and she heads to Chicago today to do her best to spoil Owen some more before the newest arrival.

    LL Cool Joe – Yep those are some pretty cool red chairs.

    Talon – Owen does share a Nanny with his youngest cousin Olive and we believe he thinks she is his sibling anyway. They are great pals so Olive is going to have to like the new baby too.

    Tammy – Yes Owen will be ready for a Lazy Boy recliner very early in life. He does seem born to the cause.

    Crystal – Owen is ready for the world. Glad I stopped by your blog today. Your collection is wonderful.

    Pat – Our youngest grandchild is 8 and our oldest is 20. My sister’s 6 grandchildren are all between the ages of brand new (Owen’s sibling) and 6 years old. I had all my grandchildren before she had her first and then Wham, she had a whole passel.

    OGO – It does look like he was born to chill doesn’t it?

    Denise – It is amazing how exciting this all gets when we’re so close to the arrival time.

    Cube – We are hoping he won’t be too shocked.

    Junierose – Again,we’re hoping Owen will adapt well. He does seem to be a very happy-go-lucky fellow.

    Nancy – You can be sure my sister will give Owen your message when she sees Owen today. Your comment was great. I knew you especially would enjoy this picture.

  16. I think we all need to kick back and take a lesson from little Owen. Off to chill now..........

    Ya'll have a fantastic day filled with warm sunny blessings!!!

  17. Hey Little Fella, can I join you just to chill out :)

    Yes Granny Annie....the quote just popped out of my head one day hehehe...I also want others to know that money is not everything :D

  18. Nezzy -- You are so right. We can actually take a lot of lessons from children.

    Shionge -- He would probably let you sit in the chair next to him but I doubt he'd give up his chair. I'll give you credit for you quote when I use it:)

  19. Well, I'm so far behind in my reading that I feel like I'm in front! Gosh gee!! You've probably rode 1000 miles on that bicycle since I've been here.

    Let's see.....I loved the guinea singing you that lullaby!! Not very calming to go to sleep by though!! It's the thought that counts!

    Your cat tails (tale) was touching and funny too!! I'm glad it wasn't your cat killed after all.

    Kudo's to your beautiful, talented, and smart grand children!! You've every reason to be proud!!

    I went over to visit Bonnie and offer her encouragement. Between the two of you maybe I'll get inspired to start exercising. Lord knows I need to!

    Another tractor!!! I like it!!

    He's all relaxed in that bright red chair! With a new sibling coming his life is gonna change! I hope he enjoys the change. Some do and some don't!

  20. Rachel -- You had a lot of catching up to do. I hope I haven't missed any of your posts so I'll go check right now. If I were a good person I would send you back EB (Exercise Buddy) for your inspiration but I need him here:)

  21. Wow he looks comfy...and exciting... a new baby...Hey Happy Mothers day to You..EnJoY...!

  22. smArtee -- Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

  23. I know you're an artist but did you plan this photo?? It's perfect!

    I love the blue with the bright red and what a cutie pie Owen is. I feel like bringing him apple juice in a sippy cup and extra cheesy goldfish! :)

    Happy Mother's Day, Annie!!

  24. That is a great picture!!

  25. Hope your Mother's Day was beautiful in every way, Annie!

  26. Ily -- Owen pretty much has that affect on everyone. He is a cutie always.

    Ralph -- Thanks. His dad captures some of the best moments.

    Talon -- Mine was and hope you had a good one too

  27. Anonymous10:49 AM

    He is such a cute! Wonder how he will adapt to a new sibling? I have a 3 year old grandson that is the apple of his parent's eye. I have often wondered what he will do if they have more children. Thanks for coming by my place.