Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, March 04, 2010


No E.B. doesn't stand for Easter Bunny. E.B. stands for Exercise Buddy. Rachel of Sliding Through Life decided I needed all the encouragement I could get for this exercise program so she sent me this active yellow duck to keep me motivated. What a surprise when I opened the big box to this uplifting, joyful critter. Rachel has once again proven Bloggers are the best.

This is my three week exercise anniversary and I'm still on the right path toward fitness. As an added bonus to feeling good, I have lost 7 pounds.

Now my eyes are on the upcoming Oscars. I will have two of my girls on the red carpet this year. My God daughter, Jessi, who works for the Academy and my daughter Chelle who will be Jessi's guest this year. I'm hoping to get some photos as good as the previous years. Chelle flies out to LA tomorrow.

Better scheduling of my computer and blog time to work in my fitness program has also allowed me to finish reading QUICKIE by James Patterson, LONG LOST by Harlen Coben and I've started reading THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett. I also finished listening to audio book THE WOODS by Harlen Coben and I am managing to keep my blog reading and commenting up between my own weekly post.


  1. Wow..You are on the ball..Congrats on the weight loss...and all the reading is inspirational..I need to catch up..Im reading The Road...and I just bought SWITCH ...a new way of looking at changing behavior...which I will begin soon...I am so excited to hear of your God-Daughter and her job...Wow share with us please..!!! Have a great Day..!

  2. Well done! 7 pounds is a lot!

    My partner walked down the red carpet a couple of years ago, and as their limo arrived the doorman looked into the car at the group and called out loudly "Nobody!!" This is just to let the press know not to bother photographing them. :D Ha, poor sod. :D

  3. Good for you Annie, On our local news there was this lady of 91 still giving excercise lessons,....
    put me to shame.


  4. keep up the good work...maybe we will see you in one of those evening gowns at the L.A. celebration soon.

  5. That is pretty funny! :) I am trying to get motivated to exercise - hearing your seven pounds off is good news.

  6. You are doing much better than my WW and me. We mostly just talk each other out of going to meetings.

  7. Wow. You are doing great. I love the EB.

  8. 7 lbs.? Woot! I wish I could say that.

    I like to read while on the treadmill. It's the only time I don't feel guilty while reading during the work week, but I haven't done it in a long while.

    Maybe you will serve as my inspiration.

  9. lol! That duck is hysterical!

    That's awesome about the 7 pounds, Grannie Annie! Isn't the best benefit how good you feel? And you'll find your energy level increases and it's the best kind of catch 22 to be in.

    That's exciting about the Oscars. I can't imagine having to get ready to walk a red carpet!

  10. Woo-hoo to you! You go, Chica!!

    Love the duckie and how exciting to have the girls on the red carpet!!

    Harlan Coben's books are amazing! Did you know his latest book, CAUGHT, comes out March 23rd?? Can't wait!

  11. Congrat! on your weight loss and keeping up the fitness program. And finding time to read too. Which book did you like the best of all those you read?

    You hit the nail on the head about those adults who fill two plates and come back for seconds before the line is finished the first time. I had one lady? come back four times. I think maybe she had a to go bag in her purse.

  12. Well, EB sure is cute and a very good singer as well. I just love his fuzzy head!!

    Congrats on the 7 lbs. That's wonderful!

    Exciting about the Oscar's!!

  13. You're doing great!!!! And E.B. is a awesomely cute lil' pal!!!

  14. Changes -- Beverly -- Riot Kitty -- Kay -- Thanks you guys for the congrats. Yep, E.B. is "awesomely cute".

    Robin --I hope I can share Oscar pics and information soon.

    Joe -- Your "nobody" comment was a hit with my daughter.

    Yvonne -- Hope I can still inspire at 91!

    Tabor -- Nope, I have no desire to red carpet myself. But, it's sure exciting for my girls.

    Lynn -- I only wish 7 pounds wasn't just a tiny tip of the iceberg on what I want to lose.

    Libby --WW is great. Don't give up.

    Cube -- I read, watch TV, listen to book tapes or music when I ride my exercise bike. Hope I can inspire away!

    Talon -- My energy level has increased a LOT.

    Ily -- Yep, Harlan Coben is The Man. I have read all of his Myron Bolitar. THE WOODS is so far my favorite of his non-Bolitar books. Can't wait for CAUGHT

    Stella -- It is difficult to pick a favorite because the variety of writing is so different. I certainly am enjoying THE HELP. It grabbed me right away. Now, how does one steal soup in their purse? LOL

    Rachel -- You sweet thing. Look at all the attention E.B.has gotten. Thank you again and again!

  15. You're unstoppable now! Congratulations of getting into a good groove. Who knew mechanical ducks could be such good motivation!

  16. My hat is off to you dear lady. How awesome that you've lost 7 lbs and are on week 3 of exercising. It seems like everytime I try, I get some ailment. Probably just all in my mind. This week coming up I can finally go back to boxing. You are going to have to fill me in on your secret of willpower. Hugs.

  17. Adam -- My blog friends are helping hold me accountable. That's the best kind of "groove" to be in. Thanks!

    Bonnie -- Did I know you were a boxer? I always said if I could start life over I would take up boxing as a sport. Part of my willpower is heart disease. I've got to keep my bp and cholesterol under control and aerobic exercise (walking, bicycling, swimming) is the main ingredient.

  18. That duck is a hoot. I need one to motivate me.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I am at a standstill.

  19. Oh how exciting for you with the Oscars hope you get some great photos and share them with us.

    Glad the exercize is working,I started this week too and so far so tomorrow and Sunday, I love it.

    Dorothy from grammology

  20. So impressed and very happy for you!

  21. You seem to be firing on all cylinders. Excellent!

  22. Isn't Rachel a gem? She's has sent, and brought gifts to us before. A delightful gal. She's a great cherry picker as well. Just give her a step ladder and watch her go.
    Good on ya for the exercise. Keep it up.
    I'm glad you have a reason to watch the awards show. I refuse to watch it because they show actors on the screen. It's hard for me to watch folks wth big egos. Big egos for no reason I might add. I also won't go to a movie.

  23. Darlene -- Surely you do some exercise as part of your rehab for your surgery?

    Dorothy -- The girls can't take a camera to the Oscard so we're hoping they will appear in background shots of celebrities as Jessi has managed to do in the past.

    JeanMac--Thanks for the encouragement.

    Pat -- I love the idea of "firing on all cylinders". I'm not quite there but almost.

    119 -- I fear you???

    Cliff -- Thanks for the tip about the cherry picker. Our tree will be loaded soon and I'll try to think of some ruse to get her here:) Yes you are like Ron. He boycotts Hollywood but it's difficult for me, especially when they provide my Goddaughter her livelihood.