Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Ron, Slim and I were standing looking out the front window the other morning and a scene much like the picture above (from google images) unfolded before our eyes. The only difference was the coyote we saw parading itself before us was strolling right down the middle of the main road in front of our house. It was walking as if it owned the place and was enjoying the cleared pavement as opposed to the snow that was everywhere else. This arrogant wild creature seemed to know that Ron did not have his gun, I did not have my camera and we were not going to be able to get the frozen front door open to send Slim. By the time Slim got outside she was following a phantom trail down toward the lake. At least the chickens and guinea fowl were safe and sound in the hen house.

(Hum, I wonder were the term "safe and sound" comes from?)


  1. Annie,

    I'm glad you weren't able to let slim out. Coyotes are vicious creatures. There is some problems with them in a certain area of Toronto. Yes, they are right in the city and actually killed a woman's dog. They're warning people to keep small children and pets indoors. However, the people in the area (most of them) agree that the woods in that area belong to the wildlife.

    As per your comment on my post. I don't think Brandon will ever be too old to hang out with Grandma. His Asperger's Syndrome causes him to stick with familiar people.

    Wishing you a great day.

  2. "Safe and sound" is a nautical term, meant to describe the status and condition of a vessel. I'm not sure that's where it originated from, but it's a particularly old phrase.

  3. Pleased the chicks were safe, loved the read.


  4. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Oh, I would never have let Slim out to enact ANIMAL PLANET in front of me!

    In Indiana, we listen to the coyotes at night. They sound so spooky! And we always accompanied Lucky outside at night.

    On the other hand.......maybe he was hungry.....put out some dog chow, name him and adopt him!!

    just sayin'

  5. If you think this is an amazing site you ought to have had the experience of sitting at a country club restruant and see a pair of them trotting across the golf course....tis true:)They prey on little dogs and ducks.

  6. Mary -- I just watched the movie ADAM and the character has Aspergers and was able to finally move away from familiar people and be on is own. I think it was supposed to be a true story.

    Adam -- You explanation of "safe and sound" sounds logical.

    Yvonne -- Yes the safety of the fowl is priority.

    Dana -- Slim know her job is to run off predators and she'll knock down the doors to get out especially when she sees the predator. So far she has sent them scurrying and I would be surprised if they ever had a direct confrontation.

    Changes -- That had to be a hoot watching the couple prance across the golf course.

  7. That's a beautiful photograph. Nature can be so cruel but they all need to survive. It's a problem when we encroach on their territory but this one was obviously on yours!

  8. Coyotes and wolves seem to be in the increase in many areas. Coyotes are very common in downtown Denver at night.

  9. Winifred -- I guess he wasn't really trespassing because he was in the road and that is neutral territory.
    Yes it is a nice picture isn't it. Someday I'm going to capture such a photo myself.

    Tabor -- We have coyotes and foxes. I'm not sure about wolves but I do know cougars have been spotted in the area and even a bear.

  10. Coyotes are becoming a dangerous blight and are spreading to places where they had never been in the past. They may play a big part in the Biblical prophecy about wild animals attacking humans in the latter days.

  11. I wouldn't have lamented not having a gun (no livestock to protect) but I would have mourned ot having my camera. I try to keep it near at hand all the time.

    We, too, have a door that sticks and I watched Amoeba struggle with it frantically the other day, turn on his heel, charge through the apartment, out the other door and around the building. Really, all of his cussing should have warmed the door enough to open. ;)

  12. I'm glad Slim couldn't get out and that you all were safe and sound in the house. I just found out not long ago that we have coyotes in Florida. And we have some right here on State Farm property. I don't think I'd like to come up on one up close and personal.

  13. arlee bird -- Nice of you to visit. We don't fear coyote attacks on us, just on our chickens.

    Quilldancer -- What was Amoeba after? Surely he wasn't chasing a coyote.

    Bonnie -- We're glad to be safe and sound. Now if we can just survive the NEXT winter storm that is supposed to be here tomorrow. Yikes!

  14. Glad to say we don't have coyotes here in the UK, but foxes are becoming quite an issue here.

    Hope you don't get MORE snow!

  15. Wow. Growing up in the suburbs, I am still in awe of moments like that. We have our fair share of wildlife here.

  16. Glad your feathered friends are safe. Coyotes are be coming more common in urban areas. Yikes!

  17. We have coyotes here in Northeast Arkansas too and I've seen them within a couple of miles of my apartment in our little town of 1800. I have no doubt that they come within the city limits at times.

    To add to the critter issues, on the news just tonight was a report of a family's dog dying of rabies this week. They think it was bitten by a skunk, and the whole family is now taking the series of rabies preventative shots.

    Be careful with you and your dogs as coyotes are also frequent carriers of rabies.

    Love and hugs,


  18. Joe -- Why don't you have coyotes? I am surprised. Do you have wolves and cougars?

    Riot Kitty -- You grew up in the city but didn't you ever visit the country? You'll have to come visit us at NOL-NOC Estates sometime.

    Kay -- So far my feathered friends are safe but yesterday we were out for a drive and spotted several more coyotes and they were all quite brazen and out in the open. If Slim doesn't do a good job chasing them off, I may start losing my fowl again.

    Diane -- My fear is of a rabid coyote. If they are just intruding and hoping to grab a chicken, Slim can run them off with ease but I know if one would show up with rabies it would not run away and might attack Slim or us or the cats. So far we haven't heard of any cases of rabies in the area. Thanks for your concern.

    Satich-Dash -- I am deleting your spam. Cut the crap why don't you.

  19. I've never seen a coyote in the wild except for zoos, etc.. The worst I've seen around here are racoons and possum that will raid your trash. Some get gators in their yards, but I've never seen one in mine. I have been swimming and counted 24 baby shark around me and decided it was time to go to shore.