Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, January 02, 2010


A friend calls and says “What are you doing?” You are watching television so you say “Nothing”.

Housework is something.

Watching television is NOTHING.

Watching Netflix is NOTHING.

Preparing meals is something.

Snacking all day is NOTHING.

Housework is something.

Yard work is something.

Care of chickens is something.

Photographing chickens is NOTHING.

Walking for exercise is something.

Strolling for pleasure is NOTHING.

Computer research is something.

Computer blogging is NOTHING.

Reading non-fiction is something.

Reading fiction is NOTHING.

Everything that is “NOTHING” can become “something’ if you involve handwork with it, like crocheting or folding laundry or peeling potatoes.

What do you do that is NOTHING? What do you add to it to make it something? And do you all understand the guilt from which I speak?


  1. Staring out the window at the winter trees and looking at birds is nothing I do much of the day.

  2. I enjoy looking out of the window watching the squirrels playing in the garden.......until someone put a trap out for them.

    Loved the post.


  3. I was glad to note that I'm not the only one who prepares the vegetables while watching TV, so that I don't feel so guilty! But I can't think of anything that would transform staring out of the window to watch the snow and the birds into 'something'!

  4. Strolling for pleasure is NOT nothing!! It is blog research, doncha' know!

    I try to do something beneficial every day, and then when I watch TV or surf the web - I don't feel guilty - I have earned it.

  5. I do a lot of nothing as well. Looking out to see the birds and deer and wild turkeys is nothing. But then I go out into the bitter cold and put out food for them, and that is something. The nothings make life more fun, so they're something!

    Happy New YEAR!

  6. Interesting! I'll have to think about that one.

  7. I think that anytime a body accomplishes anything no matter how mundane or small, it is something,

  8. I agree with Kay, but this is an interesting post and something that causes arguments between my partner and I.

  9. When I play classical music by memory on the piano it's nothing (actually, it really is SOMETHING but I can do it without thinking so it's effortless), and when I'm busy with housework, it's something. Sad, isn't it?

    Happy New Year, btw!! It's good to be home again...doing nothing. :)

  10. Comment emailed from my sister:

    I am reporting my nothings and somethings for today so far.

    7:15 got up (something)

    7:20 played Spider (nothing)

    8:00 watched Meet the Press while playing Spider (nothing)

    9:00 watched Reliable Sources while playing Spider (nothing)

    10:04 talked with my sister (something) while playing Spider (nothing)

    10:20 talked with my daughter (something) while playing spider (nothing)

    10:45 showered, washed my hair, spiffied up (something)

    11:00 after typing this diary, I plan to make chili (something)

    I will finish my report later today.

  11. Watching TV while doing Jigsaw or crossword puzzles, as well as playing around on the computer are my 'nothings.' However I vindicate myself and turn them into somethings by telling me I am increasing my vocabulary and keeping my brain alive by doing crosswords, not eating snacks when doing jigsaws, and when I am doing computer, I am encouraging others and leaving a huge genealogy file for my ancestors.
    Isn't it interesting how we are able rationalize our nothings into somethings? LOL

  12. I'd like to fill my life with many nothings for a long time, sounds divine..

    Dorothy from grammology

  13. Everything is 'something,' if you have the proper perspective.

    Anything that is a noun (or gerund) is something...even taking pictures of chickens. :)

  14. LOL, LOL...Well, you see, I don't agree with you that watching a movie is nothing or Netflix is nothing. They are both very much something, to me. Perhaps it is because it is the business I am in--But, I get tremendous pleasure from both and learn lots of things, too! I have absolutely no guilt about either of these things or reading a fiction book either.
    And taking pictures of anything is definiely not NOTHING! I think you need a re-education in the importance of Leisure time and how it feeds us and is a very important componant of the fabric of our lives....!

  15. Annie,

    Don't feel guilty. Life is way to short for that. Blogging is fun. Reading fiction is fun. Strolling for pleasure is fun and relaxing. We need to have a balanced life. A little serious work and a little fun play.

    Wishing you a happy New Year.

  16. I find that the biggest portion of my time is spent on "nothing" but I have to confess that I don't often feel guilty about it. Just a character flaw, I suppose. ;o)

    Your crappie lunch sounds wonderful! Hope it was as good as it sounds.

    Love and hugs,


  17. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Come with me to the dark side while I explain something to you:

    Caller I.D. USE IT and you won't have to answer "nothing" to ANYONE.

  18. I think some folks took this too literally!! They need to re-read your first sentence. At least this is the way I take it. (??)

    Usually if I'm reading I'll say I'm reading a book or magazine. That makes it something!!

    My SIL called today and asked what I was doing. I was watching TV so I said, "Nothing."

    Sometimes instead of saying "Nothing," I'll say, "Just being lazy!" (means same as nothing!)