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Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Have you seen the meme where another blogger gives you five random words to write about? Mary at Mary's Writing Nook offered to send anyone five words if they wanted to write about them. I ask for five. Here goes:

Life -- With so many warnings on products these days and with laws being passed for our safety, it has been my opinion that the best way to cover everything is to slap a permanent warning stamp on each new baby's bottom that reads,"Caution, Life can be hazardous to your health".

Military -- I could not join and do the job required, but I shall ever and forever be grateful for the men and women willing to enlist in our military and volunteer to stand between me and the enemy.

Movies -- I have loved movies my entire life. The dime shows on Saturday afternoons probably thrilled me as much or more than some of the multi-million dollar productions of today. My spouse sees them all as Hollywood propaganda and he is probably right, but he doesn't watch and God love him, he doesn't give me too much flack because I do.

Grandchildren -- It appears that Joey (19) is going through a terrible breakup with the love of his life. Ian (17) was just here visiting so we got to catch up on all his happenings and learn about his garage band. Ryan (17) is getting his driver's license and is busy with The Pride band and his girlfriend. Jasmine (16) is bouncing from teenage pillar to post and has her driver's permit. Dillon (15) is becoming known as a heart breaker, a politician, is busy with The Pride band and keeping up with all major sports. Michael (15) is adjusting to his new Oklahoma home and just made the rifle team in ROTC and has joined FFA at his school. Beth (13) is testing those terrible teenage waters but seems happy most of the time. Hope (7) is filling the princess role very well and she does have quite a mind of her own. There you have run down on our grandchildren -- The Great Eight!

Childhood -- I was blessed with a wonderful childhood. Small towns afforded me the opportunity to run free and go home at dusk covered in various accumulations of my day's activities. We had tons of kids on our streets and I had two older siblings to look up to. I had perfect parents. My childhood was spent in wide-eyed imagination. (Come to think of it, my adulthood is too!)

Thanks Mary. This was neat. If anyone wants five words, let me know and I'll send you five.


  1. Oh cool idea! I love it. Any chance of giving me 10 words and then I can use it for my Top Ten Tuesday post today! :D

  2. I can't find your email address so I'll list your 10 words here:
    I hope these work for you:)

  3. OOh some tricky ones! Thanks they look a challenge. I'll get my thinking cap on now. :)

  4. Neat idea and neat post!

  5. Pretty neat Annie.... I had a wonderful childhood too..With good parents and two sisters and one brother. We were poor but we had love and that's what mattered...God has blessed me.

  6. Annie,

    I certainly enjoyed reading your five and learning more about you. Thank you so much for participating. This meme was fun.

    Wishing you a great week.

  7. A good idea, loved the post.most interesting to read.


  8. I think this is a great writing idea, but even more I enjoyed hearing about eight grandchildren. Lucky, lucky you!

  9. I enjoyed this very much! You are blessed!

  10. Thanks GA for doing this. Great reading as well as the post below. I'm glad you've decided you're blessed. We all are.

  11. May I please have five?

  12. Great concept....not only are you educating folks but spreading joy in the blogosphere........i will take 5 if you want to send them...thank you

    zman sends