Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 14, 2009


We managed to get out and follow the yard sale and garage sale signs on Saturday morning. It was a perfect day and we found some nice treasure.

Our final stop was at the home of an elderly couple. They were selling collections. They were selling carousel and circus cages that he had made and all the small animals and people that went with them. They were selling Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia and lots of framed decorative pictures.

Ron and the man talked about the military and their experiences . Once that gets started we're usually locked in for a good while so I truly searched all their stuff hoping to find at least one thing to buy. Their things were great treasures to them, but not to me. Each item was priced entirely too high for yard sales.

A neighbor came to visit the couple while we were there. The old man admitted he did not know who she was until he heard her voice. Then he went into a long story about how blind he is. Let's just say he convinced us "as a bat".

We left and were looking for one more sale when we saw the old man out picking up his signs. He had to walk up to the sign, pick it up and touch his face to it in order to read it. If it was his sign, he took it. If it was another person's sign, he stuck it back in the ground. So, what's strange about that? The poor guy is blind after all. Well you see, he was DRIVING around the neighborhood to pick up his signs. THE POOR OLD BLIND MAN WAS DRIVING!!!!!




  1. Oh, goodness! My grandfather did the same thing. What would make someone think they should drive when they can't see?

  2. So could he have been faking the blindness? Scary.

  3. Well, my grandfather thinks he should drive when he shouldn't, as well as open his big fat mouth when he should really seal it shut ;)

  4. Very dangerous indeed to drive with anything wrong with the eyes.
    hope he wasn't as bad as it looked.
    Take care.


  5. LMAO!!!!! He was driving?!?!
    My coffee just went thru my nose!

  6. Annie,

    Wow! I have trouble seeing to drive at night in the rain because of the light's reflection on the road, so I just don't do it. Can't imagine this old guy putting everyone's life, including his own, in danger. I would have speeded in the opposite direction.

    Wishing you a great week. Glad you enjoyed the reenactment photos.


  7. LOL @ RK's comment!

    The guy with the signs is a crack up. Sounds like something Jay Leno would poke fun of on his show.

  8. Annie,

    We waited and waited for the new Jay Leno show but I was a little disappointed.

    I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that show from last night.

    Oh, well, there is always tonight and the rest of the nights.

  9. Oh my heavens!! What to do?? All is harmless until he runs someone over :-0

  10. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Was he parked BESIDE the sidewalk or ON it?

  11. Annie,

    Here I am again. I forgot to ask you this: Did you have Spanish subtitles on the screen while Jay was doing his monologue and all through the show?

    We did, and I was unable to stop the captions.

    It was the same last night and tonight. Spanish sub titles all the way across the screen . It was very strange, and I wondered if others had it also.

  12. No Nancy, we did not have Spanish subtitles. How strange. It has to be set on your TV somehow. I was a little afraid the first two nights if it was going to be any good but tonight Leno seemed to be more comfortable and we enjoyed it more.

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  15. It is perfectly okay for him to be driving around. I'm sure he can make out certain shadows and things so he can tell if there's a tree or a person in the road in front of him. Small kids or animals better clear out of his way though, since he probably can't see them at all. Reading takes better vision than driving, so of course, he can't be expected to read!


  16. Certainly made you feel better knowing he was out there driving I'm sure!! Yikes!!

  17. YIKES! He wasn't kidding!

  18. MERCY!!! I'm afraid there is far too much of that happening.
    I pray I will be wise enough to turn in my driver's license when I am not able to be a safe driver. My uncle went blind i his senior years and when his vision loss reached a certain point, he walked into the department of licensing and gave them his license. I sure respected him for that!

  19. The driving story reminds me of Jerry's papa! At least he only drove on the country road between his house and Jerry's.

    It's so hard to put a price on a beloved collection for a yard sale!