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Slim and Franke
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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Granny Annie and FIVE June, 2009

Granny Annie and FIVE June, 2008

Twenty eight days of one to five grandchildren came to a screeching halt today. Their absence is bitter sweet. Good to have them here. Good to send them home.

How exhausted am I? Well Ron and I fell asleep as soon as the last of the family left. My neighbor called to see if we were okay. It seems an ambulance and other emergency vehicles has pulled into our driveway with sirens blaring. We had not heard a thing. We have no idea why they came here and we're still too tired to try and find out.

Ron went to town after he woke up. He returned with roses for me. It is Father's Day but he got me flowers for my recovery. I guess I look even more tired than I thought.

The truth is -- I am old.

Now I will try to catch up blog reading and writing.


  1. Welcome back to your regular life - and I bet there will be sad moments of missing them and lots of happy ones that you have your peace back!

    You're the best grandmother!!

  2. I can see that you are loved completely and that can be exhausting.

  3. LOL that you let your grandkids write a blog post!!! I will let my youngest give this a try this summer.

    I bet that he would love it!!!

  4. I bet you are tired. It might take you awhile to get back into the swing of regular life. I bet you wouldn't trade it for anything!

  5. annie, ron is AMAZING and WONERFUL!

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you ron! now get some rest, you two.


  6. I don't know how you did it for 28 days - I had mine here for one day and I was exhausted!! Good looking group, Annie.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my father's post.

  7. Cute pictures! You're not old - five kids would wear anyone out. I get exhausted just *visiting* my little brother and sister.

  8. I admire you having grandchildren for that length of time. I love mine dearly but as they are almost the same age life can be a little hectic at times. It's not you old but them getting older.


  9. I'm worn out just reading your post. What a great kind of exhaustion...the filled with love kind. You're an awesome grandmother....hopefully I can be the same. My mother's mother was the grandmother that did things with the grandbabies and I hope to mold myself after her. I may be seeking some granny advice from you. Now get some rest. Oh and Happy Belated Father's Day Ron, you are an awesome man.

  10. PG -- It is peaceful and we are enjoying the quiet. There were times I wasn't such a good Granny and had to raise my voice. I'm hoping those won't be the times the kids remember most.

    Tabor -- The kids can see my love and boy do they play it for all it's worth!

    Hit 40 -- The children love writing a blog post for me. They are all good students and wonderful writers and readers.

    Marla -- I'll be ready to get back to regular life when I can get up off the couch! Yea, there are some moments I would trade but I wouldn't trade those great kids for anything!

    Namaste -- you are on target about Ron. He is amazing and wonderful and when he came back carrying that bouquet of roses I was extremely emotional.

    Kenju -- Thank you. They are a good looking group. Only other grandparents know the mixture of joy and exhaustion that it takes to tackle the grandchildren.

    RK -- Five kids would wear anyone out. Think about the times we have had all EIGHT grandchidren here at once. That has only been a couple of time but I can guarantee you I could not manage all eight for 28 days! Remind me of that if you ever hear me mentioning such a visit.

    Yvonne -- You are so right about it being the kids getting older and suddenly I am struck by the fact that the day will come when they are much too busy to come see Granny. Oh, I can't even think of that.

    Bonnie -- Thank you as always for your good words. Ron is indeed awesome. Just think you are about to get acquainted with all this grandparenthood business:)

  11. Ron, knows how much work it took for you to care for all those kids.... He's a keeper! I have two grandkids and they wear me out every time they come over. I don't know how you did it with five... It's a good thing we have our kids when we are younger, I couldn't do it again at my age... I do have a friend who is raising her three teenage grand daughters and their Bi-Polar mother. She was in empty nest heaven for two weeks when everything fell apart for her oldest daughter and she's had her and the grandkids ever since...I pray for her often.... I guess we need to be grateful for our blessing..... Get some rest and have a great week.

  12. My grandmother would sometimes raise her voice - and I do remember, but mostly I remember her letting me help her with chores and make meals and be her little sidekick. The animal tending and work around your place will be joyful memories for their whole life.

    Enjoy todays peace and quiet!!!

  13. Oh Wow!! I bet there will always be fond memories and what a great shot one year ago and now :D

    Thank you for sharing :D

  14. What a great guy you have!

    It sounds like you had your hands full! You are making memories those kids will have for a lifetime! I SO love that!

  15. Lucy -- It is so sad to remember the energy I had as a parent and realize I can't do the same as a grandmother. Lots of our friends too are raising their grandchildren and I just don't see how they do it.

    PG -- I love having sidekicks, as in "One at a time". When we had Michael first all to ourselves and he traveled with us to Colorado, it was bliss. Then the others began joining us and the demands doubled with each addition. Whew.

    Shionge -- I love the two pictures and have to wonder if the children got taller or if I shrunk! LOL

    OGO -- Ron is great. And, yes I believe the children will look back and only remember the happy moments and hopefully not Granny's getting on to them.

  16. Your grandchildren are beautiful! And I'm like you, I love to have them come and visit, but I'm always exhausted when they leave. And they do grow up much too quickly, and will be more interested in spendng more time with friends, then with grandma. But they will always think of the times with grandma and grandpa as special.



    PS. The little critter is a woodchuck, or more commonly known as a groundhog. Several people guessed right.

  17. Cute kids and for calling yourself "Granny Annie," you are one hot grandmama! :)

    Welcome back to the real world. lol