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Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's a post primarily for the girls.

I heard from a dear person in my life today. She expressed a recent experience that upset her and literally outraged me. Here is what she wrote to several of her friends:

"Hi there y'all. I don't know if all of you go to Victoria's Secret for your lady needs....but i thought I'd copy this note to you that I wrote to them this morning. so read it, and be warned!

I'm emailing you today to let you know you are losing a long-time customer. I have always bought my panties from VS. I recently went to your website to look for bras in my size - 34AA. I was very happy to find them and ordered 3 right away. On June 21st, I went into your store on 3rd street in Xxxx Xxxxx to see if it might carry any smaller sizes. An employee walked past and asked me if there was a size she could help me locate. I said "yes, 34AA" she said "34 -what? double A!?" she then proceeded to laugh at my face, then look down and laughed at my chest, told me "uh, no..." I stared at her and said "maybe just on the website?" she said "sure..." needless to say, after being ridiculed and laughed at - I will NEVER go back to any of your stores. I will tell all of my friends what happened to me, and ask them to do the same. They know something about loyalty, which apparently VS does not. Too bad your bras made me feel good. Because your employees made me feel like a little girl in middle school. So thank you for that, VS. With disappointment, xxxxxxxxxx

Victoria's Secret wrote her back:

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your Email regarding your recent experience at the Victoria's Secret Store. We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.

When a customer chooses to shop with Victoria's Secret, we want them to have a pleasant experience. Please be assured that your experience is not indicative of the quality of service customarily offered to our customers, as we strive to serve each customer as courteously and responsibly as possible. We apologize that this was not the case with your recent visit.

Your comments regarding the Xxx Xxxxx Victoria's Secret Store have been forwarded in an attempt to prevent a recurrence of this unfortunate situation.

We are concerned that this experience has reflected negatively on our company and would like the opportunity to make it up to you. We do not want to lose you as a valued, loyal customer. Please accept our sincerest apologies. We would like to ship you a coupon for 30% off your next purchase at the Victoria's Secret Store.

Please reply to this Email with your full name, address, phone number (including area code), and store location. Once we receive this information, we will promptly send your coupon.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this Email or call anytime.

Xxxxx, please accept our apologies. We take customer service seriously and hope that you will try shopping with Victoria’s Secret again soon.


Victoria’s Secret Customer Relations

Out of curiosity how would any of you feel about this situation and would you find the response from Victoria's Secret acceptable?


  1. That is a disgusting attempt to get an additional sale for a valid complaint. I would be offended.

    The store manager should have contacted you with an immediate apology - personally - and confirmation that action had been taken against said employee.

    I officially am boycotting the place already so I'm happy to add your reason to mine.

  2. That is unbelievable! And what a pathetic "apology." Screw 'em. No more purchases there for me, either.

    We should start a petition!

    PS Please tell your friend there are times I would LOVE to be her size. I have a hard time finding bras for a 38C that aren't positively matronly, or shirts that aren't tents or obscene looking.

  3. I agree that the apology was mediocre at best. They could have given her a free bra and certainly track down the employee and fire them. NO adult should ever behave that way. That is something you learn in kindergarten.

  4. PG -- You are so right. I didn't think about how the discount coupon would help them more than her. No wonder she felt the apology was hollow.

    RK -- We all know what you would really say and it would truly be appropriate for them. LOL

    Tabor -- "Mediocre at best" is absolutely right on. No adult salesperson should behave that way and no adult customer should ever expect to be treated that way.

  5. Personally I wouldn't go back to that store, it was a feeble apology.
    It was an insult not only to the person concerned but to all ladies in general.


  6. i think a free bra - or two - in her size would've been a more appropriate gesture. i also agree the manager shoudl follow up with a call.

  7. 30% off their already inflated prices???

    Surely they jest. Three free bras is more like it.

    I have never bought anything from them and never will.

  8. I would be insulted by a 30% off coupon. You can get that much off at a sale (sometimes more). Inexcusable at lame.

    I don't shop at Victoria Secret anyhow, but my daughter does. I will pass this information on to her and, knowing her, they lost another customer.

  9. Hmm. I have to place the majority of the blame on the actual store. Chances are if she felt that comfortable belittling THAT customer it's not her first time. That would have been the first step in my VS vengence tour!

  10. I can't imagine anyone in any business acting as that employee did. And the response from VS itself was actually very impersonal and probably the same letter they send out for all complaints. I would have been insulted by the coupon...why go back and spend $$ somewhere where they evidently don't want my business. You friend has my support and I will pass the word on. Maybe we can make a difference.

  11. Yvonne, Annie, Judy, Darlene, OGO, Bonnie and all, my friend read your responses and added this message: tell all of your blog readers that i said thanks for their support :)

  12. This is terrible. I would be offended!

  13. 30% off ??? This is a rip off. How about 50% off?? This would be better.

    I imagine the company does not want to just mail out $$$ due to encouraging more mail for more $$$$.

    I am also flat as a rock. Tell her to just skip the bra unless her husband wants to wear one too.

  14. They didn't even ask who the employee was, if she got a name, nothing! Not a bit of Customer Relations experience in that response. That's seriously the best they could come up with?? Your friend should circulate this correspondence around the country!

  15. Anonymous8:54 PM

    THIRTY PERCENT OFF of a $30-$40 bra? Ohhhh, get me THREE of them. BULLSH*T! That's just a SALE price. They weren't sorry or they would have taken names and dates.

  16. I do believe the letter of apology is "adequate." However, I would still take my trade elsewhere. If I had been treated that way, they could have shipped me a $5,000 coupon and I would not have shopped there; although I may have given it to someone else. After all, it is their money!

  17. Employee should have been delt with.bleops