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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


You are going to begin thinking that I have an obsession with fantasy, television and Hollywood.

Shopping in Wal-Mart the other day, I happened to look up in time to see a strange group enter the store. They were shoulder to shoulder and walked with long strides. Background music was definitely needed as I viewed them. Maybe something from Pulp Fiction. It was as if they were being shown in slow motion -- some kind of living tableau.

A young man of medium height with short cropped blonde hair wearing a white T shirt walked at the far left. He had a small goatee and you could see the tattoos that started on his neck and moved under the shirt and out his sleeves down his arms to his wrists. I could only assume his torso was probably tattooed as well.

Next was a very tall, dark skinned man in a Hawaiian shirt wearing a Panama hat. I would have guessed he was their leader as the others seemed to match their stride to his.

A pale fellow wearing an ivy league cap, sunglasses and what I would call very preppy looking clothes almost matched the height of Mr. Panama Hat.

Preppy's nearest walking partner looked like a typical Okie wearing jeans, T-shirt and looking like a fisherman. This fellow was the only one with common appearance to what we ususally see in Wal-Mart.

The last guy on the far right was about the same height as Blondie. He could have been an Aborigine who just stepped off the boat from Australia.

I looked around for a film crew.

I went back to shopping.

Loading my groceries in the car I looked up to see this mismatched band of fellows depart Wal-Mart with only Mr. Panama Hat carrying a small package. Again their formation was shoulder to shoulder. I wanted to follow them.

Was it just me or do you also think this was an unusual group of guys? It has really bugged me because I do not know "the rest of the story". I also wish I had taken their picture. Each on their own would not have caught my eye. (Well, maybe the tattooed fellow or the stocky Aborigine?) but as a group I found their fashion sense miles apart.


  1. Very odd group to say the least, I always carry my camera with me just in case I see something worth photographing. Interesting read.


  2. Thanks for passing by, Yes this was my personal journey. Back last year .

  3. sounds a bit like "The Village People" do Wal-mart sorta moment. One needs to have imagination to survive in this modern world.

  4. Yes, an unusual group - especially in your corner of the world! It sounds like Reservoir Dogs came to Wal-Mart. :)

  5. I would have wondered if they were going to start a dance routine. Weird happenings in Wal-Mart.

  6. i would have followed them. and i would have taken a picture. what a fun sighting!

    i'm not sure their ages, but my guess is they might be pledging for a fraternity or going thru some kind of initiation? who knows!

  7. "Odd group" is an understatement Yvonne.

    The Village People Gary, I loved that. No police or Indian Chief however. LOL

    Yes RK, something out of Resevoir Dogs.

    Darlene, I did expect a dance routine any moment. I would have really freaked if they had all been wearing those long coats.

    Namaste, they were too old for college hazing. I"m guessing they were all in mid 30's to 40's. But it might have been on a dare of some other sort. I guess I'll never know.

  8. Maybe they were a singing/musical group in town for a show?

  9. Now there's a thought Judy. Perhaps they were to be Casino entertainers. I sometimes forget we live in Casino world and there are oddly dressed folks at the gambling spots all the time.

  10. Armed robbery suspect doing a pre-casing of their target !

  11. Hmmm, they do sound a bit unusual for Walmart. Especially the Walmart I shop in. It's best that you didn't try to take their picture. If they were "up to something" (haha) they may not have liked it!

  12. Yes, that does sound strange! I so wish you could have found out their story, but I suppose there's really no polite way to ask.

  13. Hey, Riot Kitty stole my Reservoir Dogs line. Dang.

    Cool story!

  14. Loving Annie, they were a bit obvious if they were csing the joint. Maybe they were looking for love. Sould I have asked if any of them were available?

    So Renie, (and hello by the way) you don't think I should have caught them coming in the door and have them "hold that pose"?

    Hi Sammy. So glad you're back. No I couldn't have inquired about their story but I think I'm always going to wonder. I've watched the news for any story that might tie in with their appearance in the store.

    PG, I'm guessing you and RK are just going to have to stop being so much alike:)

  15. Wow I have never seen anything like that. We live between Tampa and Orlando, so we do see lots of strange things, but you have them all beat. If you ever find out the rest of the story, please fill me in.

  16. A motley band of brothers.
    Walmart is a great place for people watching. Call me nuts, but I enjoy taking my time shopping and noticing others that are there. I see a lot of elderly people on their scooters, and I just love that because they are OUT there and not just sitting at home.

  17. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I would have HAD to follow them just to see if they all sat in the front seat of the car.