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Slim and Franke
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Monday, April 20, 2009


It was a good day. We ran errands and ended up at a casino meeting my sister and her best friend for lunch and some gambling. As we arrived home my cell phone was ringing and the Allstate insurance adjuster was calling. He is the fourth representative assigned to our vehicle settlement. He is very condescending and treats us like a couple of idiots. At one point he actually ask us how far back in the woods we lived.

It is easy to picture this young man as a short 12 year old boy in a suit that's too large. He's rough and he's tough and he is going to teach this old couple from the country how the city boys do things.

Ron is still in pain plus he has a heart condition, as do I. However we decided I could discuss things with the young man in a more sane manner. WRONG!

The insurance adjuster with no face (only the one I imagine) was strict and condescending with me even calling me Madam. I found myself yelling at him. I totally lost my cool and showed no professionalism and was yelling at this man.

Another insurance adjuster told me how to approach this group. I had my figure ready that we want and I had the reasons we expected that figure. I presented it in a soft and sane manner but I could barely finish before he began telling me there was no justification for what we were asking......and I lost it.

Why has this made me so angry? Because my husband has not been the same for one single day since the accident and I fear this will affect us forever.

Should I request some cheese with this whine?

Interesting information. Looks like I'm putting a face on Allstate that helps me know it isn't me.


  1. You need a day of peace. No dealing with insurance for just one day. You and hubby need to go visit a quiet place. Bureaucracies are notorious for aging us old souls.

  2. I'm sorry, honey. I don't blame you for being ticked off! I am sending you good thoughts and prayers, too.

  3. My son, the commercial insurance man, who at one time was an adjuster and a subrogator (sp?) would tell you not to settle with this guy!! Hold your ground, Annie!

  4. His job is to make you feel small so you don't feel worthy and will settle. Your job is to keep adding zeros behind the fdollar figure every time he's condecending. I'm sorry it's such a struggle, but its worth it because your lives could change forever because of this and that's worth so much!

  5. I know it's a pain in the bohunkus but hang tough with them! I'll keep you and your husband in my prayers.

  6. It's their job to act the way they do, don't be intimidated. You pay your premiums so it's up to them to do the honourable thing.
    Many years ago a car went into the back of our car, thankfully we wasn't hurt but the car was a write off, my husband was never the same after that so I understand what you must be going through, You don't have to come down to their level but be firm in an appropiate manner, Good Luck.


  7. I'm with the others, stay firm. And please try not to lose your cool. We have insurers do that here at the insurance company I work at and the employees report them as threats and sometimes even call the law. So keep you cool, no matter how angry you get. Ask to speak with their supervisor or manager. You can go up the chain of command. We've actually had people show up at the regional office (which is where I work) and even though they may not speak to someone face to face, we have a courtesy phone, and sometimes just the insurance company knowing that a claimant is in the building makes them respond differently and in just a matter of 30 minutes or so, most of them get the check they deserve. So maybe you ought to think about paying a visit to the regional office in your area if it not too much of an inconvenience. I wish I could be of more help.

  8. Tabor, I love the trip idea, but right now Ron and I aren't enjoying each other's company very much. One of his shipmates is coming to visit today and will probably be here a couple of days so that will take Ron one direction and leave me to mentally wander away into movie land.

    RK, do you ever wonder what persons who do not pray do at times like this? I hope they at least wish and think good thoughts to some higher authority.

    Wow Judy, that sounds like a good source. Oh your poor son. Did people boo and hiss when he told them he was an insurance adjuster? My children told me their friends used to boo and hiss when they told them their mom was a banker! LOL

    Oh Rachel, "pain in the bohunkus" is right. Thanks for the prayers.

    Yvonne, the bad thing is this isn't my insurance company. It is the girl's insurance company. I have been with the same insurer for 40 years and only a couple of claims over the years (no auto accident claims) but they have always treated me very well.

    Bonnie, I would much rather deal with people in person. We actually believed that Allstate would have sent a representative to our home soon after the accident. Instead we had to call them after five days of silence and they said they were waiting for our call. No words of sympathy or anything and at that time they thought Ron was still in the hospital. We are close to their Tulsa office but their regional office is in OKC. Otherwise I know you're right about being in the building.

    The worst part of this is that it has come down to "the principle of the thing" and that is never good. We're probably only off on our settlement figure about $600.

    What I hate most is that I am letting this take control of my life. It has been a long time since I allowed someone else my controls and this manipulation into crazy has left me totally in a state of shock.

    Yes dear friends, your thoughts, prayers, wishes mean a great deal and I hope you primarily are asking that I realize how totally unimportant this is in my life! Geeze!!!!

  9. Dear Annie,

    I am thinking of you and hoping that you are wrong about this affecting you forever.

    I know it seems like that but seldom does it happen. With a little more time Ron will be his old self again and you can forget this insurance mess and go on with your happy life together.

    I told you that my husband had an accident 2 years ago and all the "Fall out" from that has only very recently been settled. Both the insurance part and the physical part.

    So, try to be patient and I know everything will work out for you two...

  10. Of course you are angry! No one likes being talked down to. There was no reason to be disrespectful to you. It was THEIR client that screwed up. In MY world they would be bending over backwards to make it right.

    I think I would report him to someone higher up and say that you refuse to speak to him again. It's that "no face" thing that gives him the courage to be a jerk. I bet you a dollar to a donut he wouldn't be so brave face to face!

  11. Don't give up! I wouldn't worry about being polite at a time like this. I'd rather lose my cool and get what I deserve than be cool and collective and wind up with nothing.

    I'll be praying for you and Ron!

  12. Nancy, you are absolutely right--this will pass and we will wonder what all the fuss was about. I'm glad it is finally over for you and your husband. But two years -- yikes!

    OGO, you and I both paint a different picture of OUR world don't we. Oh if only we could make all the rules.

    Scarlet, I believe my days of winning arguments are over. I'm ready to throw in the towel.

    Anyway my dear friends, I should have deleted this post because it is so melodramatic when things of much greater concerns are happening all around us and to us all. Forgive my outbreak but thank you for your fantastic support! All shall be well -- come hell or highwater:)


  14. It is infuriating to have bureacrats stop you from getting what you are justifiably owed and have a reason to expect in all fairness.
    My empathy, Granny.