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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The "IN" in INsurance stands for INsult to INjury. Have you ever heard of persons receiving a fair and equitable settlement from an insurance company without having to hire an attorney? Of course it is the insurance adjusters job to pinch every penny they can, but it looks to me they would want to treat the victims in a way that would leave them with some dignity.

Have any of you come up with the perfect solution for dealing with the insurance adjusters? One thing I know now that I didn't know then was to read what your rights are before you begin talking because they are not going to tell you anything unless you ask the right questions.

Oh ye wise and wonderful bloggers please advise:)


  1. I used to feel like that as we had an awful time with a loss adjuster after we were burgled. The burglary was bad enough then you get the trauma of those callous creeps. I suppose it's a result of so many people making false and inflated claims. Believe me I've heard people boast about it and it makes me sick!

    I had my faith restored when I had a car crash a couple of years ago and the car was a total write off thanks to a moronic taxi driver.

    My husband rang the insurance company and they were incredible. In 7 days we had a cheque for a fair bit more than the car was worth thanks to the loss adjuster whom we never even met. Also I had a brand new hire car until I bought a new one. Although their prices seem a bit high I've stuck with them as I was so impressed.

    Sorry I can't help unfortunately, only commiserate with you.

    Maybe for the future it's matter of finding a good insurance company that people in the USA can recommend.

  2. I haven't had any personal experience with it lately - thank God. But I think I would talk to an attorney first, and never sign anything until you absolutely have to!!

  3. Winifred, it sounds like you were dealing with your own insurance company and that makes a difference. We are dealing with the girl's insurance company and they don't seem to care about delivering good PR in case we ever wanted to insure with them.

    Judy, we wouldn't begin to know what attorney to call. Plus we are told they take 33 1/3 of whatever they get for you so you probably end up with about the same thing the insurance company offers. They were nice until they saw we weren't filing lengthy injury claim. Of course that could turn out to be an option in the future. We'll have to file mental illness claims for both of us.

  4. Sorry I can't help but I do feel so sorry for you. I do hope things work out for you.

    Take care.


  5. My mother used to be a chiropractor, and she actually had a claims adjuster admit that their bonus structure depended on the number of claims they denied. I also know of someone who went to work for an ins. company whose policy was to automatically deny claims - get this - because statistically, a third of people don't challenge the denial. So they figured it was an automatic 1/3 increase in profit. I am not making this up!

    So my advice is to howl loud and long until they give in. Seriously.

    Good luck...

  6. They are a pain in the rump to be sure. The only time I had trouble with someone elses insurance company I talked to my own agent to help guide me. It was only damage to my car no injuries. Sorry that probably isn't helpful.

  7. I'll pray. And oh yeah, talk to your own agent -- it's his job to help you.

  8. I recently had a theft as some of you know. My agent was a dud and just referred me to a toll free number to file a claim. I never saw a single live person the entire time, but sent copies of receipts, photos, and whatever documentation I could find to the woman at the other end of the phone line. I filed a police report immediately and that is important in the case of theft.

    The claim was paid promptly and fairly as far as I know once they got all the material I could furnish. The value of some of the jewelery was left up to the adjuster because I didn't know what it was worth. Some of it had been my mother's and one item was a gift from my son. I can't, therefore, verify how accurate their valuation was.

    Don't bother with a lawyer. They will end up with your proceeds. But a letter to the BBB and to the head of your State's Insurance Agency will do wonders.

  9. Thanks Yvonne for your well wishes.

    RK, I just know they get what they don't pay us. It's so frustrating and they actually are just making a living so how do we begrudge them their income? I just wish there was some compassion for the fact that Ron could be gone from my life because their client rear ended him....

    OGO and Kay, you both suggested that I talk to my own agent. That never dawned on ne and I thought that was not kosher once the adjuster was involved. I might give that a try.

    Oh Darlene, how could I forget your claim! Bless your heart. Then you had such medical problems following. I need to remember that things could be worse.

  10. I wish I could give you some good advice being that I work at an insurance company (but not for). I'm with Darlene, though, a call to the Insurance Commission and the BBB might light a fire under their butts. I'm also thinking about the news channels. Our news channels here always have one person that will fight a company for your rights. Take for example, yesterday a tornado hit a subdivision. A lady's car was flipped upside down and was most likely totaled. She called her insurance company and they told her it would be 3 or 4 days before they could send someone out to look at her upside down car. When the news people called the insurance company to inquire why it would take so long, the insurance company told them they'd send someone right out. Now how wrong is that???? So maybe you should try that.

  11. You have to get 'round behind the insurance people. I have a book titled "How Insurance Companies Settle Cases." It's for lawyers who handle insurance claim cases, but works for the lay(wo)man as well. (I'm not a lawyer.) Lots of surprising info in that book. Only thing is the book costs close to $150.00.

  12. When it comes to insurance of any kind, it is a battle, a fight, a war when they have to give up money.
    Be tenacious. That's all I can say.