Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I have had a lot on my mind since Friday so I haven't been stirred to do any posting. (Let me just say regarding trauma, as bad as it is, it could always be worse. I give thanks to God for the safety of my sister and bil. Not my story to tell but my thanks to give.) Anyway, I just read some comments that I made on other blogs and I truly sound insane. Since a lot of us read the same bloggers, see if you can guess who I said what to in some of these comments:

"Because of the government bailout we determined to regulate the salaries of the executives in the companies that received bailout funds. The same should apply to recipients of government welfare bailouts -- we, the taxpayers, should be able to demand regulation on the number of children we will support before we insist on some form of mandatory birth control."

"I can still see some kind of erotic bondage potential for the neighbors to envision:) "

"Send him our way. We live on dirty country roads and have two vans completely covered in dust. Hum, I just might try something myself -- i.e. stick figures:)"

"You can slap a big turd on your blog and I'm still gonna read it cause you're one of the best:)"

"I'll dedicate all my drinking to you!"

"They only want to expand to the "work ethic of our citizenry" because they want to understand the meaning of ethics and in the process, destroy it."

"First question: Is it "found" money or "lost" money?"

"Yes those are all things I would keep too. Plus, I keep fortunes in a bowl near the front door for everyone to draw one out as they leave."

"I wonder how many I would need to order for my chickens? LOL "

"There is no other way to say it -- grandchildren are petri dishes! "

"My husband has always insists cookies and strawberry ice cream are an okay breakfast for the grandchildren because you've got bread, milk and fruit just like a bowl of cereal. (omit name) any chance you can show us a picture of yourself at each of these establishments. I'd love to know their dress code. Not sure my jeans and boots would be appropriate."


  1. ha - well i recognize the one you left for me! thats the one about the petri dishes :)!

  2. Granny,
    Ha-ha ! That was me on that last one :)
    (Chuckles delightedly, having AGAIN had cake for breakfast.)

  3. Annie, I recognized mine about the Lost or Found and I also recognized Rachel' I'm going to order one of those hot pad "thingy's" for my cat and husband....

  4. annie, these comments are funny and at times outrageous. my fav is the one about slapping a turd on someone's blog. that sounds like a blog i should visit. :-D

  5. btw, i understand what you mean about trauma. and i am glad your sister and bill are okay. god bless.

  6. I recognize mine and a few others...taken out of context they do make you sound a bit exotic.

  7. I recognize mine! You don't sound insane to me!!

    They are funny written like that though!!

  8. I agree about trauma, it could always be worse! I'm just thankful it's over for me.

    As for the comments, they're pretty funny like that. None of those were made on my blog though. I must have a somewhat "dull" blog, so I don't warrant a more interesting comment, eh? Hehe.
    But thank you for your nice comment. It was appreciated.


  9. Ha! I still think the comment you left me about the big turd was the best! :)

    You're hilarious!

  10. LOL....I recognize some of those and none makes you an idiot!

  11. I recognize the one you made on mine - I thought you were right on!


  12.'re not insane. Maybe slightly unstable would be a better way to do it.
    A dangerous woman for sure.