Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, February 23, 2009


Tune your eyes and ears to something good. Dig through your local papers or listen carefully to your TV and Radio news and see if you can't find some Happy News Stories (HNS). If you do, email them to me and I will post them on my sidebar (see sample today) with a link to your Blog. You will be surprised how difficult it is to find a story about something good these days but we need to be reminded those stories are out there.

If you only read a bloggers daily posts, here are my weekend links to posts you may have missed:



Yep, it's Monday. Let's get into a great new week together!


  1. I'm all for finding and focusing on a happy story! Since we seldom watch TV news and have quit taking the daily paper, it is hard for me to find anything. I'll keep looking!

  2. Happy stories are good stories, Granny !

    I wish the newspapers had to print one good one for every sad/bad one !

  3. I'm..looking..and looking..
    Gee, GA. I didn't realize that everything is doom and gloom until you pointed it out! I agree that we need to 'accentuate the positive'!

  4. Hi Annie

    Our national news media are the greates offenders, especially the BBC. Sadly it seems to have lost that objectivity it was renowned for.

    In contrast I've noticed that our local BBC North TV news and the website always seem to give us a happy and positive story.

    Here's a great one, it's a video clip about the North Air Ambulance and a lady whose life was saved by the paramedics on it.

  5. It's good to hear some cheerful stories for a change. I'll have to search high and low but I'll come up with something.

  6. Good Happy stories are hard to find. I read one today in the paper about a banker who sold shares of his bank and he gave 60 million dollars to employees and old employees who retired. Various amounts depending on service. The picture of him and his employees in the paper, well they were all smilin and looking really happy.

  7. I love your idea - I just e-mailed a link to you. Hope it does not end up in your spam filter!

  8. Annie,

    I just sent you a news story that many of us would like to be a part of.

    Enjoyed catching up. The photo below of you and the kids is beautiful. What lovely memories.

    Take care. I hope you have a great week.

  9. kinda a busy over here, but this sounds like a wonderful idea. i'll check back to see what your readers came up with. thanks for spreading your goodness, annie!

  10. Thank you Winifred, Marla, Mary and RK for your HNS. Yes Linda, it is frustrating how difficult it is to find news stories that are positive or uplifting.

    Maria, Judy, Scarlet and Loving Annie, I hope you will keep looking for stories to share.

    It almost made me cry this morning to look for another story and have to scan so many horrible headlines in the process.

  11. It's hard to find the good today, but certainly well worth looking for!!

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for HNS stories!

    Looks like Jamie Dawn inspired you with her wonderful sermon this week!! It was her best yet I thought!!

    Let's have a fun-filled good news shiny penny week!! :)

  12. You mean there's some good news out there somewhere???
    I thought the world was coming to an end.