Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, February 26, 2009


My phobias are multiple. I fear carnival rides, fast cars, motorcycles, crossing bridges, turning left and leaving the house. Well, not really so much since Ron, but certainly BR (Before Ron).

How then, you might ask, do I get that good old adrenaline surge that we all need for thrills and chills? Scary movies do it for me.

There are not many suspense filled scary movies these days. Yesterday I found one. THE ORPHANAGE. It is subtitled and is a Spanish film. I was literally on the edge of my seat, riding that roller coaster of fright at each curve. (Slim abandoned me, leaving me to watch alone.) You are left at the end to pull out some crazy stuff and wind up with a very sensible story even with a sentimental ending that made me cry. It was not a cheesy HALLOWEEN, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, or FRIDAY THE 13TH type of thriller. It was what I would call a Masterpiece in terror.

So, if there are any of you out there who thrive on this kind of movie, give it a look. Also, I am loving foreign films of all types. My goddaughter, Jessi, introduced me to them and you don't even notice the subtitles after a while. Most are very well written and beautifully portrayed.

Plus, when I rent foreign films I don't feel like I'm putting money in the pockets of those Hollywood sell outs! (You know, the ones who moved to their positions of wealth, fame and glory on the money votes of ALL Americans and then used their fame to spit in the faces of many of us who got them there.)

By the way, today and tomorrow are the last days to find good news for my sidebar HNS postings. Be sure and read the contributions I already have. Yep, good news is hard to find.

As much as I hate to get my hopes up, we are having dish satellite internet hooked up on Tuesday. My PC seems to be running well and virus free (plus I have the wonderful laptop to back me up), so I took the plunge and paid the big bucks to get the installation. Actually it was not as expensive when I called Dish direct instead of calling Wild Blue and Hughes network. Anyway, I'm putting off making comments now because I believe I will be able to perform at high (at least higher) speed on Tuesday. We can only hope. I've been so disappointed so many times.


  1. Not sure I agree with you on the power/money thing but I do like a good thriller...not the commercial types we have today. I have been a fan of foreign films for a number of years and you are right that the subtitles are not irritating...just you can't do something else like fold laundry or knit!

  2. Forgot to add that I like the Troop Scoop link!!

  3. I agree -- I took out the "abuse of power" line. But I still feel if I had known the political views of some of these actors BEFORE I saw their movies, I would never have paid into their cause.

    Yes I was delighted to find that troop scoop. Every year when we attend ship reunions we hear military speakers who tell us the good news and there is a bunch of it, so it always makes me sad that the media leaves it out day-to-day.

  4. when i saw the title of this post on my blog, i clicked with trepidation. i said to myself, i hope she didn't post any icky pictures. i get creeped out very easily. so, yes! relief!

    my youngest daughter reintroduced me to foreign films. your observations about their beauty is spot on.

    as for hollywood, you got that right! they have been such a disappointment.

    good luck with the satellite hook up!

  5. I love to read scary thriller books, but I hate scary movies. I'd rather imagine it myself than see what Hollywood cooks up.

  6. I can't tell you the last time I watched a horror movie. I used to love those campy ones as a kid but now I prefer those scary suspense films.

  7. My good news of the day is also my scary news of the day - I almost got broadsided the way home!

  8. Scarey movies don't creep me out, but some of my husband's favorite things do. I just can't watch rodeos with all those cute young cowboys bleeding and breaking bones, then limping back for another ride. Also, the western movies and the shoot 'em up movies cause me to shut my eyes. As a nurse, I never could have worked the emergency room, but loved taking care of patients that were stable. I even loved the operating room, but the people are unconsious and don't know that it hurts. What a wimp!

  9. Sounds like a thriller I'd like to see, especially since it's in Spanish and I haven't seen many movies in my native language.

    Btw, The Namesake is a great movie. It'll make you sad, but it'll also make you smile.

    Can you recommend some other foreign films you liked? I'd love to go to Blockbuster and rent something different!

    PS - Have you heard of "Grey Gardens?" It's not foreign, but it's supposed to be a different kind of film. It's a documentary about Jackeline Kennedy's eccentric aunt, "Big Edie," and cousin, "Little Edie?" Let me know if you know anything about it.

  10. Namaste, I'm glad I didn't post any scary pictures! I could have posted a picture of all the lady bugs that have invaded my front room and we don't know where they are getting in. I have been sweeping them up but pulled the couch out yesterday and it waa solid all the way across the back with dead ladybugs. YUK!

    Kenju, I don't know if you realize how highly rated old movies are and how mediocre the latest Hollywood films are. They seem to keep using the same old plots and can't even put a decent spin on them.

    OGO, I have watched some scary camp movies with my kids. We laughed more that we trembled.

    RK, that is scary news and definitely GOOD news! Glad you are okay.

    Kacey, I have to doubt that you are a winp. Not many nurses could get us to believe such a thing.

    Scarlet, if you haven't seen INNOCENT VOICES or THE KITE RUNNER, I highly recommend those. I can't think of many right now but I did like MONGUL but it's pretty gory. GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM was a good British movie. If I can think of others, I'll email you. I am patiently waiting for VICKy CRISTINA BARCELONA from Netflix. It is a "long wait". Meanwhile I'll read up on the ones you recommended. Thanks!

  11. No kinship on scary movies......Don't like them but I have improved on making left turns easier:)
    I agree with you Granny Annie after some actors have made their political comments I no longer go to a movie they star in...hope it ends up biting them in the butt.

  12. I am not a fan of scary movies. I don't watch many movies of any sort really. Comedy is definitely my favorite.

    Hope all goes well with high/higher speed!! Fingers crossed!!

  13. I don't watch many foreign films, but I agree with you that after awhile you aren't bothered by having to read subtitles. If the move is good, it keeps your attention.

    I hope your high speed internet works!!!! You will love being able to watch videos without having to wait a decade for them to load.

  14. Romance and comedy are my choices. I get totally freaked with scary movies.

  15. Annie, I am not very good with scary movies....I am more of a Chick Flick person.

    Here's a good "feel good" story. Check it out.,5143,705287563,00.html?printView=true

  16. I have a couple of your phobias- the crossing of bridges and carnival rides. I don't really like scary movies, but I used to read scary books. I just don't watch any movies anymore.

  17. I was wondering ewhat freaked you out about turning left, then I realised you drive on the other side of the road so your turning left equates to my turning right. Yes I don't like that unless the traffic lights are set to allow you right of way.

    Goodnight Mister Tom was a delightful story. I love anything John Thaw acts in.

    Have you seen the TV series Foyle's War. I love it, it's a wartime series about a policeman, Foyle played by Michael Kitchen. For some reason I imagined that during the war everyone pulled together to fight the Nazis. What a barmpot I am! This series dispelled my illusions.

  18. The Kite Runner was an excellent book so I should check out the movie. I saw "Volver" with PenƩlope Cruz earlier today and loved it! Tonight I'm watching "Mulholland Drive."

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll look into those.