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Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


2000 - THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN ARRANGED BY AGE. L-R Beth, Jasmine, Dillon, Michael, Ian, Ryan, Joey
2008 - THE GREAT EIGHT ARRANGED BY HEIGHT. L-R Hope, Beth, Jasmine, Ian, Dillon, Michael, Joey, Ryan.
These pictures were taken the only two times we had all of our grandchildren together at one time. Hope was missing in the first photo because she wasn't born yet.

The "Color Me Who?" contest ends on January 8th at 5:00 PM. The name of the winner will be drawn at that time.
Clue #4 for the "Color Me Who?" Contest: Find this blog between the 20th position and the 22nd from the bottom.
Clue #3 in the "Color Me Who?" contest: Take a "slide" into this blog and find photo on first page.
Clue #2 for the "Color Me Who?" contest is: Find this blogger and you will find lots of church signs.
Clue #1 in the "Color Me Who?" contest: You will find this blogger in Kentucky.
Are you aware of the countdown to Season 7 of 24? Only five days to go!!! Click the link on my sidebar to find some fun going forward to the show.


  1. A fine-looking bunch!!!

  2. A wild bunch for sure:) Thanks Kay.

  3. Great pictures of all the grandkids! I bet there is never a dull moment when you have them all around.

  4. A Magnificent bunch indeed! And all in one're so lucky... I've never had all seven of mine together.
    The only bad thing about Grandchildren is that they grow up too darn fast!

  5. Lucky you to have eight wonderful grandchildren. I have two grand-daughters and three grown step-grandchildren.

    It must have been fun to have them all together, wild though they may have been. I think if you get any 8 children together, they would all be pretty wild.

  6. Eight of your biggest blessings in life, Granny Annie. I know you enjoy them.

  7. wow you have 8 rock grandma!!! :0)

  8. And you watch DH is addicted I could ask him for his wallet while 24 is on and he'd give it to me...stupid me always forgets his never keeps his money IN his wallet in case he gets pick pocketed!!! LOL

  9. That is a wonderful picture of your eight granchildren arranged by height, Granny Annie !

  10. You've given me an idea - I have to do that, too! They look great.

  11. Never a dull moment is right Marla.

    Linda, getting them all together in one place is almost impossible so I truly treasure those two pictures.

    Darlene, in the first photo grandpa and I entertained the young seven by ourselves while all the kids went out on the town. We simply made pallets in the den and turned them loose. I've got video and it was a hoot!

    Renie we do enjoy these blessings.

    Muffin, I like to think I'm a rockin' grandma. So glad your DH likes 24. Be sure and give him that blog link to The Jack Sack.

    Annie, the oldest grandson Joey didn't care much for the height arrangement since he is almost 20 and Ryan wasn't even 16 in that picture. LOL

    RK, you're knocking yourself out on comments!

    Judy, let me know when your photo is up. How often do all of yours get together?

  12. What a GREAT looking EIGHT. I'll bet it was wonderful to have them all together in one place.

  13. Love those photos!
    Where would you be without Hope?
    She makes that second photo complete.