Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Friday, December 26, 2008


2009 approaches and all is well on NOL-NOC Estates. The lovely graphic above is from a raggedy quilt my sil Elaine made me for my 60th birthday. NOL-NOC stands for "No One's Looking -- No One Cares", cause on this farm we don't put on airs.

Yesterday we traveled to my daughters for another Christmas celebration. The meal and fellowship with family was wonderful and, as an added bonus we got to bring our 14 year old grandson Michael home with us. Perhaps his parents had an ulterior motive in sending him. They also sent his new electric guitar that Santa brought him. Hum???

I'll try to keep up my reading but have a feeling Michael will occupy my computer until next year so I probably won't post until 2009.

Michael is ready to bring in New Year with his homemade spud shooter that ignites with hairspray and sounds like a sonic boom.
Daughter's lovely family minus dogs Anna and Heidi and cats Pinky and Simon. Oh, and new robot dog named Biscuit.

Proud grandparents with the fam. Son-in-law taking photo.

Daughter waves farewell to Christmas 2008.


Kay Dennison said...

Nice!!!!!!! I know you're happy!

namaste said...

great pictures! i'm glad you guys had fun!

sheoflittlebrain said...

These are such great pictures of your beautiful family, GA!

I have to LOL reading about your Grandson! When our 16 year old Grandson was here last summer, I hardly saw my computer! The music sounds... nice... though:)
Seriously, I'm glad for you that you get to have him... There's just something revitalizing, having a kid in the house..I still miss our Grandson ..

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Scarlet said...

Oh, that 14-year old grandson sounds like FUN!! :) I got a keyboard stand and bench for Christmas, so I've been playing my favorite songs every other hour or so for the last day and a half.

I love all the pics. Your daughter has a beautiful smile, btw. She looks a lot like you.

One more thing...the JC and Buddy drawing is AMAZING! I love the colors!!!

kenju said...

Handsome people!! Your daughter is very pretty and I see a resemblance!

Riot Kitty said...

My soon-to-be 13-year-old brother is also learning to play the guitar...luckily he isn't bringing it with him when he visits next week ;)

Happy New Year!

Renie Burghardt said...

What a beautiful family! Looks like you all had a happy time together.

Enjoy that guitar!

Happy New Year!


dana wyzard said...

Honey, there's ALWAYS an ulterior motive when the 14 year old gets stuck with the old fogies.

dana wyzard said...

Annie, you're on my blog tonight. What is your relationship to Cliff Morrow? He's on there too tonight and thanks for leading me to him. Joe and I both busted out laughing.

Rachel said...

Hope you are surviving the electric guitar!! I'm not sure if drums would be worse but not as easy to bring them with him!! Hehe!

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas with family.

Lucy Stern said...

You have a nice looking family....I hope that electric guitar doesn't drive you crazy.....

Tabor said...

Sounds like a good old fashioned Christmas to me, except for the potato shooter. I'd rather eat em.

kenju said...

Back to say: facebook doesn't scare me, but I've yet to see the point of it except to re-unite you with people from school and meet new ones.

Claire said...

What cool pictures! Happy New Year!


Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday evening to you, Granny Annie - I love family pictures like that !

I like the 'no-one;s looking and no-one cares' attitude - down to earth is always best :)

Thank you for your support on my blog yesterday. I appreciated it.

The man to e-mail the above link to (or any other comment that you want to add to that !) would be Mr. David Fink... His e-mail is :

It would be very interesting to see how he responds.

Happy, healthy, upcoming New Year 2009 to you and your family :)

Loving Annie

Darlene said...

Such a wonderful season when families get together. Your family is lovely and your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

Winifred said...

Lovely photos, glad you had a great time.

Grammie said... sympathy here for the guitar playing....both of my boys played the drums (loudly!) as well as guitars! ha ha

Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your lovely family!

Marla said...

So nice to see pictures of your family. Your daughter is ver pretty. Hope you had a good Christmas.