Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, November 14, 2008


What is in your candy dish? What do you wish was in your candy dish? Do you have to hide your candy dish? Who in your family had the best candy dish ever?

My candy dish has fruit slice candy. I wish I had some circus peanuts too. Yes, we have to hide our candy from ourselves. My paternal grandparents had the best candy dish ever and the best cookie jar too.


  1. I don't have one. I wouldn't dare.

    What the cats didn't lick I would eat!

  2. I am hereby flagging you as a dangerous blog.
    A true menace to society.
    Stop it with the candy.
    I just gained a pound looking at a couple of pieces of your candy.

  3. I have several empty candy dishes, all of which belonged to my grandmom. If I had any candy, it would last maybe 5 hours and mr. kenju would have devoured it all.

  4. My dish right now has carmel apple kisses in it! The chocolate covered tootsie rolls are gone. My daughter doesn't like the kisses and that is why they remain. I do hide back some candy for me, because if I don't I wouldn't get any! So I have my own stash of candy when I have the craving to have a piece.

  5. I don't have one, but my son and husband love fruit slice candy. That's the one with all the salt on it...or is it sugar?? I wouldn't know. I'm not a big fan of sweets...but I'm a fan of candy dishes.

    They look good and you make me want to have one now!

  6. My (empty) dishes long for allsorts and chocolate almonds!

  7. I'm with winifred...dangerous to have a candy dish around..filled, anyway!

    But, it would be those tart lemon things or chocolate covered almonds.
    OR those raspberries, hard on the outside, soft on the inside...

    Granny, you'd LOVE the fruit slice candy from France...we lived there for 4 years and OH, do they excel at those jellied fruit slices..mmmm! Wish I could get you some now!

  8. I don't need any stinkin candy dishes, I mainline the stuff, straight from the bag or box---candy never makes it to a dish in this house.

  9. We never had candy dishes in our house, too many kids. However my Aunt Weze always had a can of mixed candy at her house. And when the candy was gone, the tin held all kinds of neat buttons. And my grandmother always had butterum lifesavors in her purse (fuzz and all). In our house, on occasion, we have the funsize chocolates. Hut, however, keeps a stash of Reeses Peanut Butter cups in the fridge.

  10. My candy bowl is filled with Halloween candy. We bought a five pound bag of yummies and not one kid came by. I've always been very generous too with giving out candy. The kids would have been stoked.

    Oh well, more candy for me. :(
    not really a good thing because my main sin is gluttony.

  11. My children love candies.:) Me too.

  12. I bought a Waterford jar in Ireland just for Twizzlers. My grandma's candy dish always had Starlite mints. Good memories - both of Grandma and Twizzlers.

  13. Candy, candy and more cany, that's all I'm going to say. Don't have a dish or a jar, just eat them out the

  14. Winifred, you must try to keep the cats out of the candy dish.

    Yes Cliff, this is a dangerous blog to those with a sweet tooth. I gained weight just writing it.

    Judy, my grandma's candy dishes are what keep me interested. 24K gold painted.

    Marla, I have never eaten a carmed apple kiss but now I'm in the market for them.

    Scarlet, fruit slice candy has SUGAR on it. Marguirata's have salt. LOL

    Jean, I too long for chocolate almonds.

    Z, I'm liking the idea of jellied fruit slices from France.

    Gary, I would have guessed that you mainline candy.

    Bonnie, I'm stealing Hut's peanut butter cups.

    Zombieslayer, where the heck have you been? I'm heading your way now to see if you have posted. I'm betting to scared the Halloween kids away so you could keep the candy.

    Nora, have we discussed the fact that Ron and I both are Irish. You should be sending us that Waterford jar from Ireland.

    Momathone, you sound like Gary -- a candy mainliner. Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to visit you now.

  15. My candy Hersheys chocolate bars....deadly.

  16. I usually put out M&M's or chocolate covered almonds in our candy dish.
    I don't hide the dish, but often times the dish is empty and put away.
    I can't remember a place that had a terrific candy dish when I was growing up.
    I guess I was candy dish deprived and probably need therapy because of it.