Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, November 08, 2008


You have never seen me without my wig. This is as close as you're gonna get. Here is my grandson's artistic rendering of his Granny Annie at her leisure. Never fear, I do not walk around with a bloody cleaver in my hand. A whip, yes, cleaver, no. Isn't he a fantastic artist?!!!

And, speaking of art, today the November "Color Me Who?" contest will end. At 5:00 PM I will put the names in a hat and the grandchildren will draw out the winner. I will announce the winner on Sunday morning. If you have been unable to email the answers as Marla and Nora have, go ahead and put your answer in the comments today. After all if we can't trust bloggers honesty, who can we trust?


1.) Drawn from a photo of three generations of women. 2.) The photo is in one of the blogger's September posts. 3.) The featured blogger is from Arkansas. 4.) Some people like my art work, some think it is hitonious. If you know who invented the word "hitonious" you are headed for the correct blog. 5.) The blogger is on my Blogger Buddies list between the 30th and the 32nd.)

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  1. Well at first I thought you were into gospel singing. Then I saw the cleaver!

    He's very good. You should keep it, he may be famous one day and you've got originals!

    The Salford artist LS Lowry use to come to stay in a hotel in Sunderland before he was famous. He often gave his little sketches to the waitresses. They kept them and they're worth a mint now!

  2. I guess he gets his artistic talents from his granny! Great job! I will put my guesses down.
    1. Jamies Dawn's Mindless Blather
    2. Courtney, Jamie, and Mom
    3. Sept. 2, 2008 post!

    Good thing I kept my sheet of paper I wrote so I had in information handy.

  3. aahhhhaaaahhhhaaa!!!! oh mike, it's so right on! tell him i love it! a bloody cleaver....who's blood?

  4. Uh-oh! I may have gotten the date wrong...but we'll know soon enough.

    Btw, I love that drawing! Wow! He's got your talent. I'd put it in on my fridge with a sign that read, "Welcome to Granny's Kitchen." :)

  5. Gospel singer! Oh Winifred that is great.

    Marla, you are correct except for the date. There was not a post on JD's on September 2nd, so I think you may have made a typo.

    Jessi, you can bet Michael is grinning at your comment.

    Don't worry Scarlet, you were correct:-) Michael is happy to know his drawing is on your refrigerator.

  6. Oops, I read that wrong Scarlet. You were telling me to put it on my fridge. Of course it is already there. I'm not telling Michael any different.

  7. You have a budding artist on your hands!!! Encourage him!!!

  8. Visiting here brought a smile to my face as usual:) Love the drawing by your grandson1 What a talanted family you are..
    Your granddaughter is a darling, and Oh, that Owen!

  9. I love the picture of you, yes very talented!!!!! :) the cleaver is great!

  10. The sketch is very good! It may be worth a lot of money someday...LOL

  11. What a great drawing! He is talented.

  12. My grandson Michael loved all your kind and encouraging remarks about his artwork. Just think you could all be partially responsible for one of tomorrow's greatest artist!

  13. Michael did a terrific job on his sketch.
    I guess those drawing genes come straight from you.
    A cleaver?
    That's funny!!