Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


To answer my own question, unpacking is much more difficult than packing. When you are packing you are filled with excitement and anticipation. When you are unpacking you are exhausted and weary. Glad to be home you simply crash.

You took your clothes off hangers to pack the clothes but when you return you don’t have enough hangers to hang them back up. That is even with half your things going in the dirty clothes hamper. Did someone come in and only steal your clothes hangers?

You never consider yourself really home from your trip until the dog is home too. Slim had fought the leash when we left her at the kennel. This was the first time she had whimpered and tried to escape the vet’s clutches. It made my trip a little less joyful thinking of her sorrow in being left behind. Also half the people in our hotel had their dogs with them and each dog looked at me as if to say, "How could you?" Slim was sure one happy critter to see us again.

Ron and I have weird conversations in the car. For instance did you ever ponder who is really colorblind? Who first named colors and what if that person was the person who was actually colorblind?

Oh yes, from now on all my chickens are named Hannah and all my Roosters are named Claude. My guinea fowl are all Tarzan/Jane (Because they are identical and determining their sex is very difficult). It was just too sad to come home and learn my Rooster Elizabeth was killed in our absence. Some of you might remember the story of Elizabeth. He was a very special fellow.

Okay, now I’ll post some photos and think about what to share of our travels.


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    We stopped leaving home when I picked up our boy from the kennel, 8 pounds thinner and with a bloody front paw. He had paced the cage while we "enjoyed ourselves". Never again. After all, a week to us is a year of fear to them. They don't know we're coming back.

  2. Yes Dana, we're making plans to either take Slim next time or leave her with family. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I have real issues with leaving my dogs (and now my cats, too). When we went to St. Augustine for a weekend, we found a friend of my son's to some stay with the pets. And I still didn't like leaving them home. So needless to say, we don't really travel anywhere we have to stay overnight. The photos you took are fantastic.

  4. Annie,

    Now that I have stopped laughing at your post I can leave my comment.

    First, in the future, Slim MUST go with you. Even if you are going to the Four Seasons in Dallas or the Plaza in New York. Simply ask the consierge to watch her while you attend your various functions. Slim will be very happy to roam the lobby and greet all the guests. See how easy that was?

    About the hangers. Remember the old wire hangers? I think they had orgies in closets all over America because you would have 6 hangers on Monday and 14 hangers all intertwined and impossible to seperate on Thursday. They were worse than Rosary beads to detangle and with no Heavenly assistance.Everyone has gone to the plastic hangers now, but be sure to keep at least one wire hanger around for when you lock your keys in the car.

    Who invented colors? I think the Kings and Queens of olde did. They would call in the alchemist and say,"I want a robe the color of those maple leaves in Autumn. Or the Queen would order a gown the exact shade of the oak leaves which were Golden in Fall.Then they decided to simply call the color Red or Gold or Blue. Just a thought.

    I really like the names you have selected for your chickens and roosters. Hannah and Claude (tres French) are very nice names .About the Guinea Fowl, though, I have reservations about Tarzan and Jane.
    If they have a chick you would have to call it BOY just like that famous pair did. So, that means that all your Guinea Fowl chicks would have to be called Boy, even if they were girls.

    Now that I think of it that probably wouldn't bother you in light of the fact that you had a Rooster named Elizabeth.

    Say, do you have a permanent Fowl psychiatrist who has these birds on the couch at least once a week trying to sort out their identity?

  5. Well Bonnie, we have to travel! Have guns, will travel you know. (actually no guns so maybe we could take the dog.)

    Nancy, the guines fowl aren't Tarzan AND Jane, they are Tarzan/Jane as in Tarzan (forward slash) Jane or we could call them TJ. You never know which is the female until she wanders off to set on eggs and never returns so her name won't matter anyway. Therefore the eggs don't hatch or if they do, she won't bring them back here, so no worry about "boy". But thanks for your insight and the creation of a whole new dilemma in case the female does return with a whole batch of keets! Boy, oh boy! LOL