Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Aunt Terri is teaching the kids blackjack. I'm missing photos of Dillon and Beth and hoping to get some pictures from Joey. He was our photographer this time. Jasmine and Slim escape for a nap.
Hope naps with Ron Dog and Horsey and her Mama's pillow.
My only picture from pontoon boat excursion. I took this from Joey's video of Ryan doing a backflip.
Joey and Jasmine steal Granny's camera and post this "loving" picture as my wallpaper.

Imagine house front door, back door and side door opening and closing almost 24 hours a day. (I became the Lord of the flies!)

Imagine an episode of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND mixed with SURVIVOR and a lot of CSI.

Imagine mass quantities of food and drink disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Imagine the collapse of two old folks yesterday afternoon when the last of the wild bunch disappeared.

Imagine the memories that are already flooding our minds as we smile and I say, "Did you see.....?" and he says, "Remember this..............?"

We should have enough memories to last us until Spring Breaks begin.


  1. You have done great capturing the "essence" of a visit from relatives---complete with pictures. (Have to tell ya it took forever to pull up your page, and I see you have no less the 19 pics and 20 posts on your page----you rreally should go into your settings and cut it down to say 5-7 posts ----(you don't lose the earlier posts , your readers can click on the words "older posts" referenced right under the oldest post you have limited your page to. This makes visiting your page less cumbersome and enjoyable.

  2. I am sure it was "never a dull minute" and fun all the time!

  3. Gary, thanks for your interest in my blog and the advice. I took it and appreciate knowing how to make my blog easier to read. Just don't get all "control freak" on me please:-)

    Yep Judy, it was great and there was certainly never a single dull moment.

  4. It sounds fantastic to me! Those memories will stick with that pack of kids a lifetime!

  5. Long time no read!! It's good to be here again!!

    Sounds like you had a busy visit with lots of energetic activity going on. I suppose the kids slept some during the night which gave you time to catch your breath before the morning onslaught.
    From Blackjack to boating to stealing granny's camera... those are some great times to remember!!
    I think they all love going to Granny's house!

  6. I bet your grocery bill matched the Federal deficit! LOL Little Hope is too too precious:)

  7. What fun for you to send them all home. Sounds like my house every day...