Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, June 30, 2008


As Jay Leno says, "It's Monday, time for headlines."


"Today is Monday, June 30, 2008." (Elenore, repeat three times out loud.)

"Party goers, not hosts." (Independence Day approaches.)

"Granny has doorknobs!" (A fact, not a condition.)

"Riding lawn mower is fixed -- finally!" (Tandy, did you ever think it would be so?)

"Weed eater eats weeds" (Young man reports new back ailment.)

"Granny Annie mows down flowers." (It was an honest mistake.)

"Ron solves disappearing egg dilemma." (My hero!)

"Ron watched a two hour movie!" (I kid you not. Tandy witnessed it too.)

"Nothing wrong with ham -- They all simply ate TOO MUCH." (Waddle, waddle, waddle.)

"Granny Annie Has Lost Two Pounds!" (Yep, exercise pays despite ham breakdown.)

"Lessons In Love And Power." (Devotional theme of the week.)


  1. I like the devotional theme of the week! Congrats on losing 2 pounds! I gained 5 over the weekend. :(

  2. Granny has Doorknobs! I love that one just for it's randomness!

    Congrats on the weight loss! I bet you feel great that you are making progress! Go Go Granny!

  3. You mowed down flowers? Shame, shame.

    My dad used to do that and my mom went ballistic!

  4. Yeah for you! Two pound is wonderful.

  5. Scarlet, you can afford five pounds! OGO, our guest rooms have been without doorknobs since we moved in two years ago. (Thanks for your continued encouragement on my fitness program.) Kenju, why would I let YOU know that I mowed down flowers! Yes JeanMac 2 lbs in wonderful because exercise weight loss is supposed to be more permanent weight loss. (fingers crossed.)

  6. Congrats on the 2-pound loss!!!!
    I will most likely pick up those two pounds over the next several days.
    I'll be at Blogstock and then in St. Louis visiting my hubby's family.
    Good food WILL be had!