Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I ask my granddaughter Hope, on her last visit, to pick up something off the floor for me because, " I can't bend".

"Why can't you, Granny Annie?" Hope inquired.

"Because I am old and my bones ache."

"No," responded Hope, "It's because you don't run and jump and play."

Awe, the voice of knowledge from a five year old.

The exercise this week has made me a new woman. Why we forget the benefits of moving about is beyond me. I certainly hope that I keep this up and do not fall back into my old habits.


  1. She's a smart kid!! And aren't you glad she's the kind that says whatever pops into her head?

  2. She's got it right doesn't she.

    It doesn't have to be strenuous. It just needs to get you moving. Mowing the lawn or working in the garden count. I really think that getting myself moving was the BIGGEST part of my weight loss. Sure I have some food demons I still fight but over all I wasn't moving. The more you do the better you feel.

    YOU CAN DO IT! Rah rah rah! (I'll be YOUR cheerleader too!)

  3. It is amazing the simple wisdom of a child.

    I'm under the impression the more you play, the longer you live.

  4. Yay to Hope!!! And yay to you for listening to her!!!!!

  5. AMen to this post! LOL, I have been off and on my excersise routine...its not easy but we just have to DO IT!! I am rooting for u!!

  6. Did you run and jump and play?!?
    If we wiggled around even half as much as little kids do, we'd burn tons of calories.
    Meanwhile, my bohunkus widens...


  7. So glad you didn't get the storm of the century! The weather has been rough in some parts lately.

    She is one smart cookie!! I need to move lots more than I do, so I need to take her advice too!

  8. GO Granny Annie!!!!!!!!!!!