Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Next year when we go to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner we will sit in the same place we sat yesterday so I can measure my size loss. I hope to slide into the booth with room to spare. This time my fat midriff touched the table and I felt like in was squeezed into a highchair. (Well, I am the baby of the family.)

Sprinkle, Sprinkleshouse and OGO's Who Cares will be my FFE's (Fine Fitness Examples). They have inspired me with their determination. Sprinkle not smoking for TWO months. Keep up the good work and Huzzah to you! And, OGO losing 40 pounds. Again I say Huzzah!

Last night I rode my exercise bike two miles in five minutes. I repeated that this morning and will pedal two miles tonight. Gradually it is my plan to increase to a 30 minute, 12 mile ride daily.

It is time for me to start acting like a heart attack survivor again and not be so casual about my health.

Onward and upward with fingers crossed.


  1. I HATE those small booths! I will tip heavily a waitress who will automatically sit me at a table instead of embarrasing me by having me tell her I wont fit in that tiny little spot.

  2. I see that I have missed your birthday, and I am sorry for that! Hope it was a good one.

    I ask for tables now. Most booths are unconfortable; sinking your butt down below your knees!

  3. How the heck do you ride 2 miles in 5 minutes!! I'm on the treadmill for 20 minutes at speed 5 and barely do 1 mile! LOL

  4. I wish you much success with your weight loss and exercise plan!!!
    I love your line about being smushed in the booth like a baby is a high chair.

  5. Was it your birthday??
    I'm thinking it was, so Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    I hope it was a goody.

  6. I will ride on your coat tails for motivation.