Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Remember a PEANUTS character by the name of Pig Pen who traveled in a cloud of dust? (Whatever happened to Pig Pen by the way?)

Everyone used to equate me with that character. When we used pencil in grade school I managed to smear it on my paper and get it on my face and clothes. Needless to say, moving to pen and ink wasn't any better. I could smear ink all over and usually ended up my day looking like Hitler with an ink mustache. Wow, what I could do with finger paint.

At the end of a day you could follow my events of the day by following the stains on my clothing and my scrapes and scratches. You certainly knew what I had to eat that day because I wore the crumbs and smudges with pride. You can only imagine how bad it was and is that chocolate is my favorite candy.

I also wore bumps and bruises and still do. Ron is constantly reminding me to slow down. If I am in a hurry to go through the door, it is easy for me to miss the opening and hit the door frame. Feeding the cats in the morning, I know there is a hole in the ground in front of their feeding station but at least every other morning I'll forget and step in the hole and twist my ankle.

Banking was a successful career for me. My results were what counted and I had good results. However my papers were always a jumble and I was forever straightening up. I did have a sign that declared, "A messy desk is a sign of genius".

I simply do not have time for the trivial things and have to rush from one project to the next without having time to tidy up between incidents. At least when I die I will be cremated so my family won't have to try to find clean clothes to put on me.


  1. Oh my goodness....YOU are ME!! (or vice versa) I have always "thrown myself into my work" so it always looked like I was wearing the day all over me. I don't suppose I will ever look very put together, with the bumps and bruises and stains that just appeared on my previously clean shirts (they WERE clean I swear!)

    Hey, but at least we're mentally organized..sort of...leave the rest of the cutesy crap to Martha Stewart:)

  2. You could have been talking about my daughter! Gotta love her!

  3. Pig Pen grew up and he is now known as Mr. kenju!!

  4. Kenju: great comment!!

    I can't stand having a stain on my clothing. Even if it's small and not very noticeable, it bugs the ever living heck outta me!

    I bet you looked cute as a kid with all your smudges and stains. I bet you still look cute with all those bruises and twisted ankles and stuff.

  5. You sound like my brother was when he was a kid....He was always dirty and to this day he still gets dirty and doesn't seem to

  6. Sounds like you have lots of company:) My mother-in-law said she always knew which way my husband went..the rugs were heading in the same direction.

  7. I KNOW what you mean! I have that sign too...well, actually two of them. One just inside the front door at home and another here in my office.

    As for clean clothes, pffft. I have about 50 work outfits - mostly that wonderful slinky stuff. No need to iron. I tend to wear most of the outfits and then have a monster laundry day (or week). Last week I washed everything and, of course, left them in the pop-up hampers I use. I thought I had enough outfits to get me through this week, but noooooooooo. This morning I went to the closest pop-up, grabbed an outfit and out the door I went. Halfway to work, I noticed that I didn't have that "new laundry" aroma, realizing I had on a "needed to be washed very badly" outfit.

    I know it pays to be tidy and I should take care of things at once. But, I had to watch Idol, and two episodes of Law & Order SVU. I simply did NOT have time to do anything else.

    Genius, INDEED!!!!

  8. Okay Sprinkle, I always knew you were a genius! OGO, I could also be talking about my grandson Dillon...bless his heart and your daughters. Judy, I knew I liked Mr. Kenju and Lucy, your brother has to be a cool guy if he was like me as a kid! J.D. you must hate the talking stain commercial -- I AM the talking stain. Monica, it's a good thing your MIL said those things about your husband and not you or your mother. And, oh Kitty, I feel your pain!