Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, April 11, 2008


It is happening again.
Q: What follows lots and lots of rain?
A: Flooding!

We went to town yesterday and could not get back home the usual way. Our main road was flooded. After winding around several different directions, we managed to get back to the house.

The wind came up and our power began to flash. At about 5:30 PM the power went out. My new chicks immediately began to peep, peep, peep for their brooder lights. I covered their box to keep in as much warmth as possible and called the electric company. A pole was down and we would have power back in a short while. It was about 8:30 PM before the lights came on. The chicks were huddled together in a lump but all were alive and well.

We watched TV for a while then I went in the kitchen to prepare the coffee for in the morning. Thankfully I was able to get a full pot of water. The electric well pump had not kicked back on and we had no water. Having enough water for coffee was the main thing so we decided re-starting the well could wait until morning. Here we were with flooding around us and no water! Now I know the meaning of, "...water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

And the thunder rolled.

Rural life is always eventful.

We don't have an ark but we do have three boats.


  1. three boats?! geez, we don't even have one. but then again, we live in the mountains.

    glad the chicks were ok.



  2. I hope the flooding steers clear of you! Take care of yourselves and those chicks!