Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Remember we are still on dial up for internet access. If only a few days of blogging are missed, the blog world runs away from me. Finally reading over 300 posts from favorite bloggers has been accomplished. I posted a few comments but this darn computer goes so slowly I will just have to try to stay caught up going forward and not try to comment on all those posts. Dear blog friends, I am lurking so don't give up on me as a fellow blogger.

The grandchildren hogged the computer during their visits so I got some of my blog fix by reading a copy of HOMESPUN HEADLINES 2005. What a fun and clever idea Ralph and Char had to come up with these nice books of their life as blogged by Ralph. We see comments and endorsements by blog friends like Rachel and Cliff. I am hoping to order 2006 and 2007 next. We need to support our published bloggers. (If you haven't ordered BUCKSKIN BESSIE by Monica James yet you should do so.)

I will probably have to drop out of blog world again soon because two exciting events are about to transpire in our life. A brand new tractor arrives today and I will be learning to drive it. Next week our baby chicks will arrive and my mother hen instincts will take over as we care for these babies in the house until they are big enough to turn out with the others.

Spring Spring!


  1. Ah, don't feel bad...I lurk all the time:)

    A new tractor? That is totally cool! I'm scared to even drive the riding lawn mower but a tractor...I could have a good time with that!

  2. Thanks for the plug....sometimes we need to focus on other things but you will be missed!
    ps...a few pictures of the chicks?

  3. Sounds nice but pop in now and again and let us know how things are going!!!!! You will be missed!!!

  4. Ohhh, a new tractor and new chicks!
    I'm so jealous! What kind of tractor?

  5. wow! a tractor trailer! and you'll be driving it?! excellent! good luck to ya. and have fun being a mommy to your new chicks.


  6. I know exactly what you mean. I have SLOOOOOW dial up too. and now with the play in progress, I have NO time!

  7. Don't worry about being hit and miss with blogging.
    Your place is one I'll always check in on.
    I only post twice a week as it is and then visit blog buddies twice a week. That works out well for me.
    Spring has sprung!!!
    Enjoy it!

  8. I know you are still there!!!

    I just have boring thrift find blogs for now!!! I am adding some family stuff soon!