Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Everyone knows that I had a goal for last Monday, 2-25-08, to lose 24 pounds. Of course that did not happen and that is what I must now confess.

My Cardiologist was very happy with my blood pressure readings and my cholesterol numbers but he was not happy with my weight gain and my failure to exercise. He put the ball in my court and said that he did not want to change my meds because they were doing their job, now it was time for me to do mine. Damn, I hate to take responsibility for my own actions. (You all know that I had a heart attack, two stents, and actually died this is important stuff.)

The part that was hardest was visiting my husband's pulmonary specialist with him the same afternoon of that day and learning that he had lost weight and I had gained weight and I weighed one pound more than he did.

Tomorrow we both visit our primary care physician. We love our GP and she takes good care of us. But, we are both attempting to find the lightest weight clothing we can so we can participate in the battle of the All Star Weight Loss.

Was it cheating to cook him potato and sausage casserole today?


  1. YES its cheating lol...unless ofcourse u ate the same thing, then it becomes even steven lol

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    you can do it! you can lose the weight. you can live. you have to do it because too many need you. this is your overweight sister talking. : ) we are too much like our mama who hated to exercise, loved to watch movies and was addicted to chocolate. she was a rebel! love you so much, you maverick sis

  3. We are alike, apparently. Do whatever it takes - we don't want to lose you.

  4. Well, if he won't eat it, I will. :)

  5. You are not alone in hating exercise...they say to try to find something fun to do like bowling or dancing or something like that but then I am sure you have heard all of that before..keep trying, never quit.

  6. Drench EVERYthing he eats in butter.

    I laughed out loud when I read this post! My daughter was passing by on her way out the door, and I read it to her. We both had a good chuckle.

    I'm working to lose weight too. It used to be easy for me to lose, but it's not now. I guess my metabolism has come to a standstill. It sucks. I just joined a local gardens/natural preserve membership thingy so I can go there and walk my arse off. I went today and walked for two hours. It is so pretty. I hope adding this to my schedule will help me shed some flab.

    Hide weights in the soles of your hubby's shoes.
    If he teases you about weighing as much as he does, just let me know and I'll come over there and kick him in the nuts. Friends helping friends... that's my motto.


  7. Well, the ball is in your court! We all make decisions as to how we want to live and it's up to us to do what we need to do.....Only thing is, it's not easy, especially as we get older. I really do my best, and feel my best, when I walk. I go over to the park and walk on the walking trail, watching the squirls watching us. lol

    Actually I started gaining weight when I started blogging. I'm sitting around more instead of doing physical things....

    My mom died when she was 57 years old, I'm 58. She didn't get any exercise and she had a heart attack and was gone in a flash. She didn't get to see her grandkids grow up and we all missed her.

    Yes, the ball is in your court! I wasn't much help, was I?.....You can do it though and feel better too.

  8. JD, thanks for the weights in shoes idea! Lucy, you and my doctor should be pals! Well the story went this way. Ron had lost 3 pounds at this visit and I had lost 2 pounds, so now I weigh two (2) pounds more than my husband!!!!

  9. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Jeez. too bad there isn't a "weight sharing" program cuz' I could use some of yours. Hang in there!! As for exercise, I say NO, NO, NO!!!

  10. Nothing new here?


    I posted Blog Church early, and you came early.
    What a gooood member you are.
    Bless you, my child.