Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I subscribe to Merriam-Webster's online Word Of The Day. I like to write a little story or short paragraph with the words least familar and least used. Here is a brief epistle for your enjoyment.

Traveling by shank's mare is the best form of exercise.

If we are walking through a thorny patch, we should be careful not to scarify our legs.

It is pleasurable to view the homes as we stroll along the way and sort them by traditional structures and more neoteric architecture.

At times, walking with a companion, we could get into petty arguments of invidious nature.

Environmentalists travel by shanks mare to avoid even the need for biofuel. This freedom of modern constraints creates sapient thinking.

A refreshing beverage on the long walk sometimes has a prickly mouthfeel if it contains excessive carbonation. .

Believe it or not walking, as healthy as it is, can even be anathematized by lazy critics.

Just think of those primeval times where walking was the only mode of travel available.

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  1. The word of day idea is great. By the way, your previous post, the bumper sticker just cracked me up. Good one.