Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yesterday all my problems seemed so..................close. Actually I have no problems, but every once in a while my brain will skip a beat and I will go back in time. First the 1955 article directing how wives should treat their husbands, then the article about the mistreatment of the Saudi women, then my personal stroll down memory lane of my life in the corporate lane. It always tends to throw me into a bit of shock when I realize that women, despite all our accomplishments, will always be second class citizens to certain groups of people. Sadly that group also includes other women. We are our own worst enemies.

Just like our faith, our politics, our chosen careers, we must live them not preach them. I did not rail against my mistreatment in the workplace, I simply kept putting one foot in front of the other to move ahead. I do not require others to accept my faith, but I hope my life is a good example to them about what I believe. I respect each person's chosen profession and judge them by their accomplishments in their field and the pride they show in what they do.

Oops, I accidentally stepped back on my soapbox. To show how crazy I was yesterday, I cut my own hair! First, I am bald on top but the rest of my hair is long. I cut it back to less than one inch all over my head. Now my wigs fit better.

I have inherited my baldness. One nice lady approached me at a ship reunion and said, "Why do you wear wigs? We know you don't have cancer because you have eyebrows." Women ..don't you love them?


  1. Granny,,,,,keep them guessing:)

  2. LOL ! Love this post. Such true words.
    Happy holidays from my house to yours!! Cheers !

  3. Oh So TRUE! I would rather work with Men than with Women, but I got so sick and tired of hitting my head on that glass ceiling! I did manage to punch through it, but then I retired! AHHHHHH SOOOO much better.

  4. Ann, it's been scientifically proven that one cannot have cancer AND have eyebrows too.
    That woman was quite the observant little hawk wasn't she??

    I have baby fine hair (like chicken feathers) and I've always had hair like this. In my childhood pics, my ponytails are about the thickness of my pinkie finger.
    My daughter has long, thick hair. Each one of her hairs is like a guitar string. It's really not fair.

  5. Yes Changes, I always want to keep the world guessing!

    Cheers to you too Renae!

    Mary Lou, you and I are soul sisters in so many ways!

    J.D., You're right about the observant little, I would like to know who "We" were and how much time they wasted trying to justify my wigs.

  6. I can't believe that woman said that to you, and she should have told you who else was involved.