Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, November 19, 2007


Last night we were whelmed. Attending our grandson’s play turned out to me a major family pre-Thanksgiving gathering. My brother and sil came from Oklahoma City. My sister from Kansas drove to our house and rode to Tulsa with us.

Ryan attended the cast party after the performance, so the rest of us went to Chimi’s for a late supper (after we embarrassed Ryan totally with his girlfriend Rachel!).

It was my pleasure to have Dillon and Beth at my end of the table and they enjoyed picking on their Granny Annie. I can’t imagine where they get all that teasing……oh yes, their dad….my son. Now, where did he get it? Hum?

It was an added party to get to keep my sister here overnight. We were very tired when we arrived after 9:00 so she did not want to make another hour drive. Hooray! It was a rare treat to share coffee in the morning at the kitchen table….the best part of waking up.

Now, we all scatter for Thanksgiving and pray for everyone's safe travel.
We get to feast with my brother and sil at their home in Oklahoma City with my son and one of my nieces and her family.

We would miss mother if we didn’t remember how exhausted she was with last year’s gathering. It was all she could do to stay through the meal. Somehow I feel like she has a much better vantage point this year for the kid’s confirmations, Ryan’s play and all the holiday events – quietly seated and smiling happily next to dad.

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