Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, October 01, 2007


P.O.D. (PLAN Of the MonDAY)

Put Slim on the chain. (She actually loves this and sits by the pole in the morning waiting for me to chain her up. She prowls all night so I think the chain gives her an excuse to do nothing and not feel bad about it.)

Feed the cats.
(Dorothy leads me to their bowl every morning as if I might forget where it is.)

Open the hen house and let the girls and boys out.
(Check Beulah Dean’s nest and count new baby chicks. I know there will be some because I heard them peeping last night. Of course we know Beulah Dean may have killed them but I truly am filled with hope that she is beyond her rage.)

Clean up kitchen.
(Yes, I actually cooked last night!)

Straighten house.
(No, the house doesn’t lean. I just need to pick up a few items strewn around.)

Do laundry.
(I can because it rained and I’ve got lots of extra water!)

Pay bills
(Thankfully Kay reminded me it is the first of the month.)

Tag items for flea market.
(Hey Monica, I found some neat yard sales this weekend!)

(Notice I added this last in case I run out of time it won’t be my fault. I just had too much to do.)

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