Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I have been needing new prescription glasses. The delay in going to an eye doctor has almost been too long. Eight weeks ago I lost a pair of my "looking "glasses. That's what my granddaughter calls the pair I wear the most. I put them on in the morning and about noon I realized they were missing. I have a pair of non-prescription glasses that I wear on computer so I had put down the prescription pair. I have searched and searched along with the help of grandchildren, spouse, and housekeeper. The glasses vanished into the land of Poof. I could not wear my old red prescription glasses because you can see the arm is broken. It did not break in a repairable fashion. The hasp broke as well. Yesterday I destroyed the last pair of looking glasses. These broke right in the middle. Thankfully I saw the ophthalmologist this week and my new glasses are due in on Thursday. Maybe I'll invest in one of those chains to hook them around my neck. This is one of the things my sister and I have in common. She is even harder on her glasses than I am.
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MissKris said...

I started wearing glasses in 1st grade when it was discovered I had a lazy eye. My parents didn't have much money, and when I was 9 I lost a pair of glasses, which caused quite a stir!! We searched high and low and couldn't find those glasses anywhere for a couple of weeks. Back at that stage, as far as for 'general' eyesight, I could get away without having to wear them without too much problems...they were basically to try to strengthen my 'lazy' muscles. Even so, the thought of coming up for money for a new pair would've been a real burden on my parents. Lo and behold, I was the one who finally found them! As I was lying on the couch watching TV, I happened to reach my hand down to rub it along on the carpet and slipped it under the couch. What did it touch - but my glasses! Ha! THEN I remembered I'd taken a nap on the couch the day I'd lost them, and I'd tucked them under the couch for safekeeping so they wouldn't get broken by any of my siblings! Sheeeesh...I hadn't thought about this in years! And this also reminds me I need to get new glasses before my driver's license expires in December...I know the pair I have now are WAY outdated!! Scratched, too! I think I'm moving thru my world by memory, not by clear sight, haha!

kenju said...

I got my first pair at age 38, when I was doing a lot of embroidery, and finding it hard to see the stitches. I have never lost a pair, but I have had them break - so I always have at least 2 pair of prescription glasses on hand. I can't wear the granny glasses from the drug store, since my eyes have different prescriptions. I wore mine on a chain for years, and gave it up when I started wearing the glasses all the time, but the chains are great if you lose them often. They're great for travel too.

icanseeclearlynow said...

oh no not the CHAIN! i'm 41 and i got my first pair of glasses three months ago. i read ALOT so i needed them. haven't lost them yet nor have i broken any (but it's still early).

i'm glad your glasses are coming on thursday. i know how it feels to really need them and be without.


Halfmexican Mama said...

Have you ever checked into the flexible kind?