Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have worn my African and Native American skin turned to the inside because God did not give me the physical strength or mental courage required to wear it on the outside.


Maria said...

There is much to think about in this comment. I have never walked in the shoes of an African American or Native American. Would I have the physical strength or mental strength needed to wear it on the outside? My heart tells me YES.

Would I be brave enough if I were Gay to wear it on the outside? My daughter is and she is my hero. She would be my strength if I needed it.

kenju said...

Ditto what Maria said. If I had the choice, and the ability to "pass", I would do it. I am probably not strong enough to wear it either. I don't know how some do it.

Lucy Stern said...

Boy that is a tough one and I have no answer for you.

Jamie Dawn said...

That is making me do some heavy thinking.

Bonnie said...

Wow! I can tell I haven't visit your blog in a week or I would have been the first one to comment on this entry.

I am 7/8 Native American and have light skin. Most people think I'm Italian.

I can tell you it wasn't easy growing up Native because my mother made sure she kept our family out of poverty and we had to work hard for what we wanted. (I owned my own business when I was 16-years-old.) During high school, I was told I was too "rich" to be Native. After college, I had to prove that my personal success was because of my abilities and not due to breaks given to minorities.

It may have taken a few decades, but I wear my Native Pride very loud and clear.

I see so many people wanting to be Native because it seems to be the cool thing at the moment. The reverse racism comes out in me when I call them "plastic injuns" or "from the wannabe tribe" or "apples" (red on the outside, white on the inside).

Granny Annie said...

Simply being female is difficult enough. My corporate success suffered innuendos of sleeping my way to the top.

Brown English Muffin said...

hmm this comment is thought provoking...I have often thought if I could turn my skin inside out would I want to? If even for one day.

Did you see that show where a white family got a makeover to look black and a black family got one to look was a thought provoking experience let me tell you.