Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Terri finally called us from California and she was singing Johnny Cash song I Fell Into A Burning Ring of Fire. She can alway see the humor in everything, just like her dad. The last San Diego fire ordered a voluntary evacuation. This fire has created a mandatory evacuation for them. The kids are out and safely with friends near the ocean. Terri, of course, has things to take care of at the house first. If we could whip her we would! Ron and I both will feel much better when Terri is out and lets us know she and the children are all together.

UPDATE: Terri, kids, dog all back home and the highway opened back up for their area. The danger is beyond them. But oh what devastation for so many.

SECOND UPDATE: We heard from our friend Cindy who lives in Ramona. She evacuated with her two horses and three dogs and has been staying at a ranch with 200 horses for the past three days. She has had to spend each night in her truck. Her daughter and grandchildren can't get back to Ramona from Poway.


Rachel said...

I know you will feel much better when she is safely away from danger. Those fires are so awful. I hate to hear of them. They have them so bad out there.

Jamie Dawn said...

My brother called me this evening from South Pasadena, CA. He is not in danger, but he said the skies are all smoky and his eyes are dry and itchy.
They cancelled the track meet today at the high school where he teaches due to bad air quality.
What a nightmare for all those people.
I hope Terri calls and lets you know they are out and together and doing okay.
I'm glad she can find some humor in the situation.

Oh great One said...

You must be so relieved. Thank heavens they are ok.

Mary Lou said...

I used to live there 55+ years ago, and where they are talking about houses buring was nothing but dry desert when I lived there. We were the last house before NOTHING> GOd that is just AWFUL!!!

david mcmahon said...

Hope all is well. Good to see the winds have died down, finally. I live in Australia, so I'm well aware of the threat posed by bushfires.

Maria said...

On Sunday when we drove passed the Saugus area and the fires were just starting, we had no idea how tragic this all would become.
While the Santa Anna winds were blowing, our skies here in Ridgecrest stayed beautifully blue as though there were no problems anywhere. Today, with the winds dying down and/or blowing north, we are just beginning to see smoke in the air.

Lucy Stern said...

I am glad that everyone is safe and out of dangers way....What a mess.