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Slim and Franke
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Sunday, September 23, 2007


I remember 1964 when I first heard the word. I tried to go to a dictionary and look up the meaning but couldn't find it.

It was 1984 when I first heard a female use the "F" word. It took me a long time to get used to that but I had to because this woman had already fallen into the life-long-best-friend category.

I finally found a comfort level to use the "F" word occasionally in the year 2000. It seems I'm not such a goody-two-shoes after all. However, I never write it down and I only use it around chickens.

It is in rampant use on blogs and of course in scripts for movies it boosts the word count by at least half.

Is it still a shocking word? Are we even offended by the use of the "F" word anymore? How did this routine use ever happen and is it really necessary?

I used to say "crap" quite frequently until my granddaughter Jasmine told me it wasn't a very nice word. She suggested I say carp instead and now I do. Any suggestions for replacing the "F" word?

After I wrote this post I searched blogs for articles on the F-word. The articles were voluminous, i.e.

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  1. In my wild young years, the "F" word was a major part of my vocabulary, as was taking the Lord's name in vain and several other 'unsavory' words. I haven't used it in almost 31 years now. What shocked me was in 1981 when my daughter started Kindergarten and how many elementary school kids were shouting it out on the playground! And, in my years as a middle school lunch lady, I'd hear it slip as naturally off most of the kids' tongues as 'please' and 'thanks'. I me square and old-fashioned, but I still think it sounds as vulgar as vulgar can be. I'm ashamed I ever used it myself.

  2. what's the difference? it's only a word - a verbal/signed/written symbol we use to communicate our emotions. if you say "carp" you still feel "crap" same as with saying "gosh darn" - we all know what i would really say. i don't use the f-word. i never got into the habit. i think it's strange that there are "good" and "bad" words. but that's the way it is....

  3. The only bad word I ever heard my dad say was damn. Working in the restaurant business the F-word flies around the kitchen. I hate to admit that it has become part of the food service lexicon. Now that I'm not in that business I never say it, and cannot believe that it ever rolled out of my mouth so easily.

    I saw a comedian last week that couldn't string a sentence together without that word. It was awful.

    I never swore in front of my family until I was in my 30s, and I've only done it once. I laugh that I went "from zero to f***" in 35 years.

  4. After two decades of being around frequent f-bombers (ExHub, ExBoy, & Secretary), I just got used to hearing the word. Have rarely used it myself. However, my online persona uses it all of the time ... as in WTF, LMFOA, FU.

  5. I say fudge instead...and I try not to type it, usually I type f**k, but that is rare...theres something un-ladylike and unbecoming about throwing the F bomb around to me...Especially now that I have little ears in the midst quite frequently.

  6. LOL !! Hmmm..I don't really care for the word myself. I do slip now and again. I guess as an adult with kids around I say other things. The language is messed up as it is. The kids hear it at school, I don't think they need to hear it at home to. I am in agreement with you as far as 'Is it really necessary?'....No, I don't think so. For some it makes them feel tough, I guess. For me, I don't care to hear some words come out of adults mouths, let alone kids.I would rather hear'crap' or 'fudge' than what's really meant.

  7. delawareliberal2:45 PM

    big fan of the f-word myself. I get more offended when i'm shot or stabbed. That whole sticks and stones must have stuck with me through grade school.

    that and I was a sailor :)

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