Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yes, Ryan is among the 400 plus band members on the field!
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  1. why he's so handsome!

  2. Oh, yeah. There he is!!
    He's the guy over there.
    He looks great!!

    You are going to Charleston?? I hope you mean Charleston, SC. That is one of my favorite places on earth, along with Savanah, GA. I have a batch of photos from a trip I took with my parents and brother a few summers ago on my Flickr. We all LOVE Charleston!! My family (hubby and kids) have visited a couple of times, and my mom and best friend, Tami, took a trip there once. All in all, I've been there probably six times. The historic district is such a wonderland. I like to pretend I'm a southern belle and live in one of those huge houses with the lovely gardens. I WAS meant to be a very wealthy southern belle, you know. :-)
    If you get a chance, tour the Magnolia Plantation.
    Oh!! Eat at Jestine's and have some of the BEST sweet tea EVER!!
    I look forward to seeing pics and hearing about your trip!!
    Is there room in your suitcase for ME??