Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My husband and I went to Branson to one of his Navy ship reunions.

We all have tales to tell. I’ll give a quick review.

We did have a good time and enjoyed visiting with new friends and old shipmates. I truly mean “old”. Some of these fellows served during WWII.

Branson is an unusual resort community. There are entertainers at every turn. Artists seeking fame and fortune are willing to perform in every hotel, restaurant or as opening acts, just to gain some recognition and maybe some good tips. Some of them stink and others are excellent. You can hear these entertainers basically for free and not have to pay high prices to get into the Branson shows.

M.H. (My Husband) was on several ships during his 30 years of service. This was his only aircraft carrier. We had not attended this particular ship’s reunion before – the USS Bon Homme Richard, a/k/a The Bonny Dick.

The entertainer at our banquet was a torch singer. He was a very talented entertainer but he was a bit loud. It was funny to watch all these deaf people (ourselves included) trying to communicate at their tables above the sound of the piano. You might say we were rude to have been talking over the entertainment but if you say that you obviously have never been in a room full of sailors with tall tales of war and the sea. Those stories must emit from their vocal cords immediately upon arrival to their brains regardless of surroundings or circumstances.

Our banquet table group consisted of Korea and Vietnam veterans and two eighth grade girls. They were there with one girl’s grandfather and the other girl was her best friend. Remember that age when you could not be parted from your best friend? I told them about how precious their friendship was at this age and to treasure each other and always stay in touch. I told them about my granddaughter Jasmine’s best friend Taylor and how those two girls stand by each other through thick and thin. I told them about finding my best friend from eighth grade after over 40 years and these girls were ..............bored as hell but listened politely to this old lady.

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    Did you get to see some Branson attractions while there?