Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, July 01, 2007


We weathered the storms again today and went to Tulsa to see mother. She enjoyed hearing the email reports on her grandson Mike’s wedding. As much as mother, Ron and I would have loved to see the wedding, we were all equal in our relief not having to pack and schedule and travel, etc.

Mother seemed so very content and satisfied with her current situation. She is enjoying the people who assist in her care and make her comfortable each day. I was happy with the fast response we had when we need assistance getting mother situated in her bed so she could watch church on television and sip the good hot coffee we brought her.

Mother was surprised to hear about how much rain we have been having. She loved the fact that she was high and dry and didn't have to worry about chasing chickens. Tomorrow we must go to our place in Kansas and we truly dread what we will find. We’re hearing reports that everything in the area is under water.

Speaking of chickens, we have discovered another one of the predators. Yesterday Ron and I actually witnessed the attack of a hawk on one of our Polish chickens. It was horrible but it was a spectacle to behold. Now we have pinpointed snakes and hawks for terrorizing the flock. Each predator is getting larger than the last. Whew, I dread the next one.

It looks like Beulah Dean has only the one chick, Leslie. She still is sitting on 10 unhatched eggs and tomorrow I will have to remove them from the nest. She will have spent almost 55 days on a nest to come away with one little chick. At least she has this neat little baby to show for her fine efforts.

We had a delightful, but brief, visit from my son Friday night. He managed to get here for me to feed him a nice meal, spend the night, eat a hearty breakfast, and then head back to tend to his dad’s medical needs. Parents may divorce each other, but their children can’t divorce their parents…..bless their hearts.

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