Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, July 22, 2007


My sister stopped by yesterday on her way home from Tulsa. She had a quiet day with our mother. She had spent the previous day with my children pretending to be me (and that's another story). My sister is a saint and an angel and she was exhausted from her most recent missions, so I was thrilled to offer her a brief respite.

We shared a pot of fresh coffee and she reported on everything she knew and I reported on everything I knew . I filled her in on the visit from the grandchildren last week. I remembered the pictures Michael had taken of my chickens.

"Oh, I want to see them!" Elenore exclaimed.

I was very excited to sit at the computer and put up a slide show of Michael's creative photos. I was naming each chicken as the picture came up and giving a little background of vital statistics , reasons for their selected names, the dates each hatched, etc. Suddenly I turned around to see the excitement I knew Elenore would have for all these wonderful pictures by my 12 yer old grandson. Instead I saw a bit of a look of boredom and a bit of dazed shock.

"I cannot believe we are sitting here looking at pictures of chickens!" my sister said.

It is difficult for my family to get swept up in my newest career choice. They do, however, appreciate the eggs......and Elenore truly appreciated Michael's photography skills!


  1. Well, at least she didn't fall asleep while looking at them. Now, THAT would've been something!!

  2. Well, that is family for ya~

  3. Heh. I haven't lived with chickens in years. Would love to again. Loved getting the fresh eggs, but Mrs. Z doesn't want all that trouble. She doesn't have the fond memories of chickens that I do, I guess. But probably because they weren't mine, so they weren't that much work for me other than retrieving the eggs.