Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last week we made our rounds to Wal-Mart, then the Farmer's Market for produce, then to a local off-the-roar farm store for homemade ice cream, jelly, bread, etc. The people who run the store are very nice people and it's a pleasure just to walk in and smell the bread and pies baking and the lunches being prepared. The owner's son is about 4 years old and from what we can determine, his name is Minnow.

Last week Minnow invited Ron to return this week to buy some special lemonade. He said his dad was going to fix old fashion lemonade for Minnow to sell. Ron vowed to return and he always keeps his promises.

Today, after Physical Therapy, Ron went by the store. It seems Minnow was having his nap. Ron bought some other things but before he left, Minnow was back outside. He is a tiny, blond haired boy with big eyes and always wears long blue pants with suspender straps and a light blue shirt. Usually his dog is with him, but the pup was on the chain for chasing cars.

Ron said, "Where is the lemonade you were going to sell?"

Minnow replied, "Mother decided we would sell it yesterday."

"Well, Ron exclaimed, You mean I drove all this way and there is not lemonade for me?" Ron could see the boy still had his stand set up and there was ice and lemonade.

"Okay" Minnow said, "I will sell you some lemonade."

"How much does it cost?" Ron inquired.

"Twenty-five cents."

Ron gave Minnow a dollar. Minnow disappeared into his house and quickly came back. He gave Ron some lemonade.

"Where is my change?" Ron asked

"What change?" Minnow asked.

"What did you do with the dollar I gave you?"

"I put it in my box." Minnow said matter-of-factly.

Ron looked at Minnow. Minnow looked at Ron and that was the end of that.


  1. that's funny. Y'all better keep an eye on that boy. Sounds like he's gonna grow up and be the next Donald Trump;)

  2. lol, that is a good way to make a profit.