Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 04, 2007


Thank God WHEN It's Friday...... Beulah Dean is on the nest still. (She is named for Rhonda's mother Beulah and our stock broker Dean) Eggs are exploding under her. Some have embryos inside, others were unfertilized and simply rotten. It appears that other chickens have been adding eggs to her nest, therefore we do not know if any might still hatch. I have removed the very, very, very stinky exploded eggs from the nest and added new straw. We have put a cage over Beulah Dean. I am letting her off the nest two times a day. We will continue this until Friday, to see if any of the eggs under her hatch. If not, we will end her set on Friday.

Can those of you who know me, picture me handling rotten, exploded eggs? I know me and can't picture it. Life sure takes on a change when you go from banker to chicken farmer.

What about Boss Hog? Well, he is still in the cage. We're going to have to make a decision about his future and I'm sure it will be the chopping block. He had beaten up the rooster Moe and left battle scars. The Silkie rooster, Mouzon, is near death and holding on by a thread. Boss Hog tried to flog Ron every time they got close and chased Mike and would have chased Hope if we had not kept her in when Boss was out.

He has always been a protective rooster, which is his job, but now he's just plain mean. We can't give him away for fear he would hurt someone else and we can't keep him in a cage the rest of his life.

Now I learn that Aracauna roosters are the best to have. We gave away Oreo last year and should have kept him and given Boss to the bird sanctuary.

Oh woe is me!

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