Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Beulah Dean is due to hatch thirteen eggs on Friday or Saturday. These will mark 21 days of her setting on this second group of eggs after remaining on the first nest for 30 days. (She stayed on the first nest until the eggs started exploding.)

If this is another unsuccessful hatch, I don’t know what we’ll do. I don’t know if she will start another nest or if she will finally give up. We should have candled these eggs after 14 days to see if they are even fertilized but we did not. I could not bring myself to take any eggs off the nest for fear of traumatizing Beulah Dean.

This time I have managed to keep the other hens from getting into the nest and breaking the eggs or laying other eggs to confuse the count.

Tiger Lily is also on a few eggs that remained after the black snake helped himself. Her hatch is not due until July 7th.

I am so hopeful for a good hatch from both of theses hens because these will be the last offspring of roosters Boss Hog, Moe and Mouzon. The eggs should have all been fertilized before the roosters ended their time at NOL-NOC Estates.

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  1. My computer is running so slowly for some reason.
    It's driving me MAD!!
    I'll post my comments for this post and the two previous ones here, since it is taking so long to load.

    I like the names you've chosen for your hens and roosters. I hope Beulah Dean's eggs hatch successfully!!!! I imagine that when that black snake swallows an egg or two, he has a bumpy looking body. Mean, old snake!!!!

    Happy Anniversary to Chelle and Kit!! I wish them many more years of wedded bliss.

    Hope is such a doll! Her cake looks scrumptuous. Now, I'm craving chocolate! Truth is, I'm always craving chocolate.

    When I get around to updating my blog roll, I will add you. I hope your week is going well. :-)