Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


BUSTED! If you are reading this, you are tagged. Go immediately to your purse and take a picture of it where it is sitting right now. Following instructions from Monica and Miz Smoochie Lips

Now, dump it out and take a picture.

No cheating! You can't take things out of the shot. You have to leave it right there. Now, tell us what's in it. My purse is right where I threw it on the couch when we returned from Wal-Mart yesterday. Yes, there is money in my purse, but don't tell my spouse. Checkbook, money, prescription medicine, mail, ink pen, eye drops, cell phone didn't fall out but it's there and wrappers. Kind of boring.
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  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Hello Annie, I see they got you to do it also!
    After I took inventory of your, I was reading your blog, are you kidding me they really have horseradish cheese??? That sounds like my kind of cheese!! Ok, your blog is making me hungry!! Great looking new stove!

  2. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Love it!! And what is the deal with you ladies and the loose 20s!! I want purses like that!!! Lol!

    What a sweeeeet cooking unit you gotcherself! I've never been able to make good gravy... maybe I should get one of those stoves and that would make the difference?